Hamburg Games Conference 2024: “Invest in Games” – A Deep Dive

Hamburg Games Conference Sets Stage on March 5th – 6th, 2024 – Time to “Invest in Games”

The battleground is set, and the arena is open for the international games industry. On March 5th and 6th, 2024, the Hamburg Games Conference returns, rallying under the flag “Invest in Games.” It’s all about unlocking the game market’s potential, nailing the challenges of game financing, and leveling up business models. This epic conference has got the support power of 10 games companies from Hamburg, ensuring a boss-level event. Game on!

Level Up Your Game Development

Eager to get the inside scoop on the games industry? The Hamburg Games Conference is packed with international speakers, panel talks, and presentations. Whether you’re a veteran developer or a newbie, insights into financing digital games and marketing strategies await. Forge alliances and network like never before.

Guilds Supporting the Conference

The warriors behind the conference include Sunday, Bigpoint, InnoGames, The Sandbox, 4Players, Bytro, Playa Games, Photon, Tiny Roar, and THREAKS. Plus, exhibitors from across the gaming landscape showcasing their latest quests and gear.

Upgrade Your Knowledge: Call for Speakers

Got wisdom to share? The Call for Speakers runs until December 4th, 2023. Share your expertise around the conference theme “Invest in Games” by submitting at Call for Speakers.

Early Bird Tickets: Secure Your Spot

Grab your early access tickets now! Until September 30, snag a Business Ticket for 299 euros or a Start-up ticket for just 149 euros (Early Bird price). Get in the game and make valuable connections via MeetToMatch.

In Summary: The Hamburg Games Conference 2024 is not just a conference; it’s a raid into the world of game investment. Level up your knowledge, network with fellow gamers, and discover the business opportunities that lie ahead. Secure your Early Bird tickets and prepare to “Invest in Games.”

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