INDIE Live Expo 2024: A Showcase of Innovation and Community in Indie Gaming

Unveiling Over 100 New Titles and Updates, This Digital Event Connects Global Audiences on May 25th

INDIE Live Expo 2024: A Global Stage for Indie Games Unveils Exciting Line-Up for May Showcase

On the digital horizon, the INDIE Live Expo 2024, a renowned online event series originating from Japan, promises to bring the indie gaming community together for an explosive event scheduled for May 25th, 2024. As a gathering point for indie game enthusiasts worldwide, this expo is set to stream its content across multiple languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean via platforms like YouTube, X, and Twitch.

A Springboard for Fresh Indie Reveals

As spring sets in, the tenth installment of the INDIE Live Expo looks to deliver a fresh batch of indie games, with this edition promising over 100 world premieres and updates. Building on the momentum of a winter showcase that garnered 10.7 million views, the expo is on the brink of reaching a cumulative 100 million views across its tenure, spotlighting an impressive roster of 2600 indie games since its inception in 2020.

Spotlight on New and Returning Favorites

This year’s lineup features a variety of games that are sure to captivate audiences. Attendees can look forward to updates on well-loved titles such as Witch and Lilies, a romantic JRPG dungeon-crawler from Stromatosoft Inc., and Omega Crafter, a crafting survival adventure that emphasizes automation, from Preferred Networks. Not to be missed is Boyhood’s End, a narrative-driven puzzle adventure by Why So Serious, Inc., and PIGGY ONE SUPER SPARK, a dynamic action platformer by Hanabushi and hako life. Additionally, ACQUIRE Corp. will be showcasing their roguelike deckbuilder, C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield.

Exclusive Segments and Interactive Opportunities

The expo isn’t just about showcasing games. It’s also a platform for deep engagement with the indie game development process. The INDIE Live Premiere segment will offer exclusive first looks at select games curated by the expo’s executive committee, while INDIE Waves will provide rapid-fire updates on dozens of new projects. The segment Indie Studios Around the World will take attendees on a deep dive into the local cultures and regional histories of the teams behind these beloved games.

Furthermore, the INDIE Live Expo Official Discord Channel opens up new avenues for interaction, allowing fans direct communication with developers, thus playing a role in the shaping of future indie games.

A Hub for Creative Talents

Ryuta Konuma, Founder and CEO of Ryu’s Office, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming showcase: “We are once again blown away by the games that have been submitted. It is an honor to witness the incredible talents and creations from all over the world, and it reinforces our belief in our mission to put a spotlight on your games. May 25th will be filled with surprises; stay tuned!”

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