Hellsweeper VR Unleashes Infernal Chaos Across Multiple VR Platforms

Get ready to face the abyss, gamers! Hellsweeper VR, the bone-chilling action-combat VR title from the devs behind Sairento VR, has launched. Wanna dive into hell solo or bring a buddy to the fiesta of fire and brimstone? You’ve got options. The game is now accessible on Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, PICO, and PC VR.

Go Beyond Earthly Limits with Intense Locomotion

First up, let’s talk about how you’ll be moving in this underworld. No joke, the game’s locomotion system defies the laws of physics. We’re talking wall-running, power sliding, backflips, bullet time—you name it. Perfect for the daring souls looking to glide and jump around hell like they own the place.

Unlock the Arsenal of the Apocalypse

So what’s in your demon-slaying toolbox? How about a blend of weapons and magic, ready to be customized based on your unique combat style. Whether you’re a claymore-swinging beast, a long-distance sniper, or a summoner of elemental destruction, you can experiment with various skill traits to mix and match your abilities.

Man’s (or Demon Slayer’s) Best Friend

For moments when you need to catch a breather, your faithful hellhound companion will be by your side. Trust us, you’ll appreciate this loyal buddy amid the everlasting chaos. A silent partner for your journey into the abyss, this companion adds a unique layer to the gaming experience.

Modes, Modes and More Modes

Variety is the spice of life, or in this case, afterlife. With multiple missions, epic boss battles, and Roguelike Mode for solo or duo gameplay, Hellsweeper VR keeps the replayability high. Rise in the leaderboards with Challenge Mode, or craft your doom-dealing in Training Room mode for a personalized skill-up session.

Gotta Love that Cross Play Support

Worried about which VR platform your friend is using? No need! The game offers cross play support, so it’s a breeze to team up with your buddies, no matter their choice of VR hardware.

Digital Deluxe Edition Unveils the Layers of Hell

Interested in a deeper dive? Check out the Digital Deluxe edition for a digital art book, enhanced experience via a haunting soundtrack, and extra love for your mystic hound companion. And no, this isn’t a sales pitch—just the facts you need to consider for the ultimate hell-raising experience.

Where to Get More Info

Hungry for more Hellsweeper VR content? Follow the links to Steam VR, PS VR 2, and Meta Quest for additional intel.

So, slayers, what are you waiting for? Hell’s not going to sweep itself!

Platforms: Steam VR, PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 2

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