Season 06 Unleashes The Haunting on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone

The Haunting Descends on Modern Warfare II: Operation Nightmare Unveiled

Gather your squad and keep those controllers charged, gamers. The Haunting event is leveling up the spook factor in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone. The battlefield just got more paranormal as Al Mazrah is taken over by unsettling creatures, thanks to a slip-up from a covert squad dubbed the Dark Ritual Operators.

Hellmouth Unleashed: The Dark Ritual Operators

The Dark Ritual Operators messed up big time by breaking the seal of the Hellmouth. Once opened, a chorus of eerie sounds burst forth, followed by an army of supernatural monsters. Operation Nightmare has been declared and it’s your mission to push back these fiendish invaders.

Backup Arrives: Enter Spawn

Amidst the chaos, the Dark Ritual Operators left room for a savior to march in. Spawn, the iconic hell-bent antihero, is now part of the action. With Spawn on board, you’ll have a fighting chance to send these nightmare fuel critters back to where they came from.

Halloween Maps, Modes and More

This ain’t just your usual seasonal event, peeps. Kicking off at mid-season, The Haunting will bring Halloween-themed battlegrounds and events across Modern Warfare II and Warzone. The Battle Pass is also coming in hot with new Operators and Weapon Blueprints to unlock. Brace yourselves for an arsenal of spooktacular content!

Key Dates and Developer Notes

Mark your calendars, because this haunting spree launches on September 27 at 9 AM PT across all platforms. For those hungry for deets, Infinity Ward and Raven Software will release Patch Notes before Season 06 kicks off. Other studios throwing in support include Activision Central Design, Activision Localization Dublin, and even more heavy-hitters like Treyarch and High Moon Studios.

What’s Next: Roadmap Alert

The dark shadows creeping over Al Mazrah are just the tip of the eerie iceberg. Stay tuned for a comprehensive roadmap that will reveal even more activities in The Haunting, dropping just before mid-season on October 17.

It’s time to gear up, lock in, and get ready for Operation Nightmare. The Haunting is about to redefine the meta of terror in the Call of Duty universe. Are you game?

Call of Duty: Warzone Unveils Operation Nightmare and Zombie Mayhem in Vondel

Operation Nightmare Drops Mid-Season

Hold onto your controllers, squad! Call of Duty: Warzone is leveling up the spook game with Operation Nightmare. Due to kick off mid-season, this eerie event encourages players to investigate eldritch anomalies scattered across the Warzone map. Not just any regular ops mission, peeps. Gear up to clear a Bounty board chock-full of monstrous targets that’ll make you rethink your loadout choices.

Discover Vondead—Zombie Outbreak Takes Over Vondel

Heads up, if you think you’ve seen it all in Warzone, the Vondel map’s got a few tricks up its tattered sleeves. Termed “Vondead,” an unleashed demonic incantation has caused an uncontained zombie outbreak. The streets of Vondel are now teeming with undead, all under the eerie gaze of a blood-red moon. What’s more? Hidden secrets are strewn about, just waiting for brave souls to discover them.

Zombie Royale Marks Its Chaotic Return

Get ready to drop back into the undead chaos—Zombie Royale is making a comeback mid-season. The mode will be available on both Warzone maps, sporting some innovative tweaks but keeping the core chaos intact. You either drop, survive, and loot, or you become one of the fast-moving zombies hell-bent on gnawing some bones. No room for slackers here, it’s feast or famine!

Lockdown, Eldritch Loot, and Spine-Chilling Events

Warzone’s keeping the high-octane thrills coming. Make your way to Vondel for more Lockdown action. The stakes are higher with eldritch equipment and otherworldly loot up for grabs. Collect Souls for in-game rewards, and stay frosty—jump scares aren’t just for cutscenes anymore. Brace yourself for a season packed with the bizarre and the terrifying.

Get Ready for The Haunting: Operation Nightmare in Al Mazrah—Kicking Off October 17th

Gamers, lock and load! Your favorite digital playground, Al Mazrah, is about to get a lot spookier. Fresh intel reports that Operation Nightmare is dropping on October 17, bringing with it a series of events and challenges that’ll make your skin crawl.

What You Need to Know About the Mission Parameters

Yo, we’re diving into some real creepy stuff, got it? Eldritch hot spots have been popping up all over Al Mazrah, and it’s on you to take ’em down. Your Tac-Map will light up with all the deets, pointing you to the eerie occurrences you’ll have to face. The “Most Wanted” targets ain’t gonna eliminate themselves, and trust us, you won’t wanna leave any stragglers.

Initial Recon and Rewards

Your bravery won’t go unrewarded. Operators that go beyond the call of duty might snag themselves a Mastery Weapon Blueprint. And that’s not all—keep your eyes peeled for mysterious bounties targeting—you guessed it—[[REDACTED]] targets.

What Kind of Eldritch Mayhem Should You Expect?

  1. The Pharaoh’s Curse: Reports suggest an ancient tomb complex, filled with hieroglyphs and a mysterious entity known as “The Pharaoh,” has been discovered. The details are sketchy, but it looks like you might have to go toe-to-toe with royalty.
  2. UAPs and Orbs: Some players have noticed strange lights flickering in the night sky. This could be related to unidentified anomalous phenomenon, also known as UAPs or orbs. Is it extraterrestrial? That’s for you to find out.
  3. Spectral Shenanigans: A quick-moving spectral figure has been reported, necessitating Operator vehicles for its pursuit. Will you be the one to capture this speedy specter?
  4. Swamp Creature Alert: Go deeper into the swamp, and you might face an abomination known as the “Swamp Creature.” It doesn’t play by the rules, and you’ll need non-standard armaments to take it down.
  5. Ethereal Wisp Attacks: In certain regions, players have observed glowing, wisp-like ethereal entities—called “Evil Spirits”—that seem to be hostile. Handle with care.

Altars of Lilith and The Butcher

Keep your guard up near the Altars of Lilith, where a particularly troublesome Nightmare Portal has emerged, codenamed “The Butcher.” It seems this phenomenon could also extend to the Vondel AO, so stay frosty.

Vondead Apocalypse: Sorceress Unleashes Nightmare Fuel as City Evacuates

Hey, G-LYFE Nation! Word is out that Vondel, now aptly nicknamed Vondead, has become a deserted battleground overrun with zombies, demonic altars, and high-octane chaos. Things went south real fast when a sorceress unleashed a demonic incantation, spawning the undead and causing the city’s evacuation. The Blood Moon is looking down from the skies, and the situation is grim, gamers.

Summoning Hotspot: Graveyard of the Witch

First on the agenda is the Graveyard, ground zero for this apocalypse. Reports indicate this location is buzzing with demonic activity, and it’s suspected to be the heart of the summoning operation. Got the guts to infiltrate? If you’re looking for a challenge, this place is calling your name.

Points of No Return: Vondead’s Hotspots

But hold up, it’s not just the Graveyard that’s off the hook. Vondead is a snapshot of an apocalypse movie. From burning vehicles to vandalized shops and a blood-splattered tramway, this city is a playground for gamers with a love for chaos. Also, you might wanna keep tabs on what’s happening at the zoo and stadium—definitely sounds like there’s more to it.

Altars of Doom: Summoning the Butcher

Scattered throughout Vondead are demonic altars, and they’re said to be the energy source behind this chaotic episode. What’s more intriguing? They’re linked to a legendary demon known as “The Butcher.” If you’re up for a boss-level challenge, gather your courage to summon this behemoth and descend into the underworld. Word on the street says you’ll get epic rewards if you can take him down.

Secret Rewards: Uncover Hidden Bounties

Avid gamers, there’s a hush-hush tip that some covert rewards are waiting to be discovered. As you weave through the eerie, blood-soaked streets of Vondead, stay sharp. You never know what bonuses might be lurking in the shadows.

The Haunting Returns: Undead Chaos Unleashes in Al Mazrah and Vondel

Hey G-LYFE Nation, the iconic limited-time mode The Haunting is resurrected and it’s leveling up with fresh tweaks and throwbacks to previous Zombies Royale brawls, like the Rebirth of the Dead. Let’s get those brains buzzing and break down what you need to know.

Zombie Royale Mechanics: Where the Gulag Doesn’t Get the Last Laugh

First up, don’t expect the Gulag to be your safety net in Zombie Royale. Nope, it’s lights out and straight to undead town for those Operators gunned down in Al Mazrah and Vondel. And guess what? Each location offers a unique Zombie Royale experience, so don’t think you’ve mastered the mode just ’cause you’ve survived one map.

Zombified Abilities: Not Your Average Corpse

Going zombie isn’t all bad news. When you’ve shuffled off your mortal coil, you get access to some sick abilities that let you go ham on the remaining human Operators. Oh, and keep your rotting eyes peeled for special syringes—these babies can pull you back from the undead abyss and drop you back into the fight as a full-fledged human.

Late-Game Twists: A New Level of Undead Mayhem

Think you’ve seen it all? Hold onto your controllers. As the match powers on, any Operator stuck spectating will reanimate into the game. Yep, we’re talking additional waves of undead to make your palms sweat and your hearts race.

Squad Tactics: Uniting the Living and the Dead

For squads who want to roll deep, even after some of their Operators have crossed over to the zombie side, tactical play is still an option. Coordinate with your zombie pals to rip apart your foes. Just keep in mind, zombies wiped out in the ongoing chaos won’t be coming back. So fight smart, and you might just be the squad standing tall at the end, whether you’re breathing or not.

The Final Showdown: Victory is a Dish Best Served Undead

Look, the rules are simple. Whether you’re alive or undead, you’re in it to win it. The squad that outlasts and outsmarts both the living and the undead claims the ultimate victory. So, gear up, strategize, and may the best squad—dead or alive—reign supreme.

Vondead Under Lockdown in Limited-Time Mode: The Haunting Returns

Hey gamers, hold onto your controllers! Vondead is in lockdown mode, and the stakes are higher. Returning to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II in its spookiest attire, the objective-based Battle Royale mode spices things up with a nocturnal variant of the Vondel map. Teams will rely on Custom Loadouts from the get-go, capturing and holding zones for points. Remember, this isn’t just any Battle Royale; think of it as Hardpoint on steroids.

Ghostly Gear and Haunting Loot in Mid-Season Update

Who said Halloween ends in October? The Haunting brings eerie equipment and spectral swag to the dark corners of Al Mazrah and Vondead. On your slaying spree, keep an eye out for:

Captured Souls in Al Mazrah and Vondead

Participate in the Soul Capture Event and rake in Souls by laying waste to foes and monstrous entities. These Souls aren’t just for show; trade them in for tempting post-match rewards.

Haunted Boxes: A Gamble with Gruesome Goodies

Roaming Zombies leave behind more than just a trail of dread. They drop Haunted Boxes oozing plates, ammo, and gear. But caution: these boxes might bite back!

Bloodseeker Grenade: A Vampiric Boom

This isn’t your average frag. Molded into the form of a vampire bat, this living grenade latches onto enemies and marks them in thermal vision. Note to the aquatically-inclined: it won’t work underwater.

Trick and Treat: A Feast for the Fearless

Every loot box in Al Mazrah and Vondead might serve up a heart-stopping jump scare. If you can stomach the terror, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

DMZ Joins the Haunting in Time for Mid-Season

Gear up, squads. Operation Nightmare is coming to DMZ in Al Mazrah, and it’s as spooky as you’d expect. Unlike other modes, there’s no pressure of a collapsing gas circle here. Use DMZ to scout and neutralize otherworldly entities, and get ready for a bunch of Al Mazrah-focused events rolling out with The Haunting.

Modern Warfare II Unveils Four Fresh Maps and Haunting Mid-Season Surprises

Brace Yourselves for New Terrains: Core and Gunfight Maps

Gamers, get your controllers greased! Modern Warfare II is dropping four fire maps right at launch. We’re talking about two Core maps, La Casa and Koro Village, and two Gunfight arenas, King and Fight. Whether you’re an old-school tactician or a spray-and-pray enthusiast, you’re in for a treat.

Paradise Found in La Casa

Jump right into the middle of Las Almas, Mexico with La Casa, a lavish new estate where the only thing higher than the walls are your killstreaks. Expect to find yourself in a hailstorm of bullets as you navigate between the east’s living quarters and the west’s swanky dining and office spaces. Bonus: Cooling down mid-action is easy—just take a dip in the pool.

Koro Village: A Blast from the Past

Those familiar with the Call of Duty 2 map “Toujane” will feel a chill—literally. Koro Village sports the same layout, but swaps out the desert for snowy streets. Watch out for yellow ladders; they’re your golden ticket to a rooftop vantage point. From up there, it’s duck hunt season all year round.

The Return of King

Nostalgia, anyone? The King Gunfight map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is back, and it’s as symmetrical and strategic as ever. Whether you’re zigzagging through the containers or sniping from behind the target walls, King’s layout caters to all kinds of warfare junkies.

Close Quarters Chaos in Fight

Ready, aim, fire! The new Fight map is all about that CQC—close-quarters combat. Think twice before you breathe; the action’s so fast, you won’t have time for oxygen. Pro-tip: Use shoot houses three and four to get the drop on your enemies, literally.

Mid-Season Spooks: El Asilo and Embassy Reskins

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the mid-season update flips the script. El Asilo transforms into a Día de Muertos wonderland, complete with neon skulls and giant calaveras. Meanwhile, Embassy is your new go-to locale for a post-apocalyptic thrill, thanks to a zombie invasion.

Classic Modes Get Haunting Twists

That’s not all, folks. Mid-season’s also throwing in some Halloween spice into your fave game modes. Domination? Meet Haunting Domination, where Scarecrows replace flag markers. And those aren’t Dog Tags you’re picking up in Haunting Kill Confirmed and Grind; they’re skulls. Plus, don’t even think about opening crates in Haunting Drop Zone without brown pants. You’ve been warned.

Season 06 Drops a Haunting Update in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II

Unlock Nightmarish Weapons and Operators, Get Rewarded in The Haunting Event

Gear Up with Terrifying Firepower

The armory’s doors are blown wide open with the introduction of new brutal weapons. Get your loadouts ready for the new Assault Rifle, TR-76 Geist, and the high-fire rate SMG, ISO 9mm. If you’re into CQC, Dual Kamas and the DOOM Chainsaw have also entered the battleground.

The Haunting: Capture Souls, Get Rewards

Available across Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, the Soul Capture Event turns up the fear factor. The mechanics are simple: eliminate players, collect Souls, and redeem them for in-game items. No need to hit up Buy Stations or DMZ, just focus on racking up those souls.

Get Daily Treats, No Tricks

Log in daily during The Haunting event to snag some free, limited-time cosmetic items. Just consider it your daily dose of spookiness.

Climb The Ranked Ladder, Score Exclusive Loot

Multiplayer and Battle Royale Have Their Prizes

In Multiplayer Ranked Play, a tiered system of wins will unlock various rewards. Get 5 wins, unlock an ‘MWII Season 06 Competitor’ Weapon Sticker. Keep climbing for more exclusive weapon blueprints, charms, and decals.

Battle Royale’s Ranked Play also has its challenges and corresponding rewards, from placement challenges to kill and assist challenges. So, whether you’re a lone wolf or a team player, there’s something for you.

Weapon Deep Dive: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

TR-76 Geist: A Heavy Hitter

The TR-76 Geist, a bullpup assault rifle, offers high damage output and moderate fire rate. With manageable recoil, you can customize this weapon for close and long-range combat.

ISO 9mm: The Speed Demon

The ISO 9mm excels in rapid-fire, boasting high maneuverability and steady handling. Ideal for close-range encounters, this SMG can be customized for both spray and precision.

Dual Kamas: The Blade Dancers

Slice and dice your way through the opposition with the Dual Kamas, the melee weapons that favor close-quarters brutality.

DOOM Chainsaw: Cut Through Hell

Initially designed for ripping apart Hell’s minions, the DOOM Chainsaw is as brutal as it sounds. This melee weapon packs the same punch as the Pickaxe but comes with its unique hellish flair.

New Faces in the Fray: Operators Galore

BlackCell’s V4L3RIA: Born for Battle

The season’s exclusive Operator, V4L3RIA, is a robotic war machine introduced by BlackCell. With her Tactical Pet Megabyte, she represents the future of mechanized warfare.

Spawn Grabs The Headlines

Al Simmons, a.k.a Spawn, joins the roster as an unlockable Operator in Season 06’s Battle Pass. Additional themed rewards include skins and operators from the underworld, each with their own BlackCell variants.

Gates of Hell: More to Come

As the season unfolds, anticipate the entry of Diablo-themed Operators Inarius and Lilith, and even Skeletor from the realm of evil sorcery.

The Haunting: What’s Possessed Your Gear?

Some of your loadout equipment may have caught the Halloween spirit. Items like Sound Veil Scream and Decoy Grenade have turned downright eerie, inducing hallucinatory audio assaults and monstrous sounds.

Keep Tabs for More Info

For the fine details on Ranked Play updates and additional Division Rewards, keep an eye on the official patch notes. Also, don’t forget that Season 06’s Top 250 Leaderboard will feature unique rewards, including a one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 05 Reloaded: Unveiling the Essentials

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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