Hot Air Ballooning Survival Adventure Passing By – A Tailwind Journey Announced Today

Dear Villagers set to publish captivating hot-air balloon survival escapade, Passing By – A Tailwind Odyssey Embark on an aerial journey in your balloon vessel, navigating a realm of hovering islands

Indie game developer Studio Windsocke has joined forces with publisher Dear Villagers to present their balloon ship-centered survival escapade, Passing By – A Tailwind Odyssey. Slated for a PC release in Q3 2023, Passing By – A Tailwind Odyssey invites players to connect with fellow explorers and eccentric island inhabitants, employ their intellect to crack engaging puzzles, and amass sufficient resources to progress in their adventure.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting and imaginative realm of floating islands and unending western winds in Passing By – A Tailwind Odyssey. Step into the shoes of Curly, a novice balloonist entrusted with the delivery of a cryptic letter. This inventive blend of 2D puzzle platformer, survival, and adventure gaming offers the freedom to traverse the world at your own pace, journeying from one island to another in your balloon vessel, tackling diverse puzzles, and managing resources to stay alive. A thrilling venture filled with heartwarming interactions and profound experiences awaits!

Bear in mind that the western wind constantly blows in a single direction; leaving an island signifies a permanent farewell. Ponder carefully before boarding your balloon ship; are you ready to undertake the lengthy voyage through the clouds towards an uncertain destination? The adventure itself is the ultimate prize. May your burner keep you warm and the west wind always be in your favor!


  • Delve into meticulously designed levels spanning a wide array of vibrant biomes
  • Encounter eccentric island residents and forge unforgettable bonds with fellow wanderers
  • Unravel each island’s distinct puzzles and uncover ancient mysteries
  • Personalize your balloon vessel with an extensive selection of designs and add-ons
  • Unearth whimsical details showcased in a stunning 2D low-poly artistic style
  • Enjoy a fully dynamic, atmospheric soundtrack
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese localizations

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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