Interview with NAT GAMES developers of V4 MMORPG

  1. Congratulations on the launch of V4. Your team must be super relieved to finally be live?

Thank you! We are absolutely thrilled about the launch of V4. We put so much effort into crafting the game’s world and designing the experience for players around the globe, so seeing such a positive response to our game has been delightful. Syllunas is a huge and beautiful world with loads to do, and we are eager to continue building it for our players.

2. Compliments on the beauty of the landscape. Can you shed some light on the size of Syllunas. How much exploration will our adventures have to look forward to?

V4 tells the story of the once idyllic Syllunas, a paradisal world that is now threatened by the forces of darkness and corruption. Players will join the fight as part of The Alliance as they aim to defend their world from those who seek everlasting power in the form of raising an all-powerful demonic being. Ranging from coastal to volcanic lands and harsh deserts, players will experience a wide breadth of environments that will uniquely impact their battles and fully envelop themselves into the lore of V4.

3. Now that the game is live the real challenge starts. We all know the main challenge in MMORPG’s is content. What are Nexon’s plan to keep content fresh and plentiful?

Content is one of the more compelling aspects of V4’s growth. As it stands, we are already offering loads of new customization options for players, and we’ve also built up an experience within Syllunas that will keep them coming back. But of course, we want to keep them here for the long haul, so we’re looking at ways to expand the current experience, such as filling the world with thrilling new boss fights and challenges, as well as providing players with new ways to express themselves through a variety of cosmetic items. We cannot share specific details right now, but we’re excited to show you what we have to offer in the near future including new classes and more!

4. V4 has 6 different offensive focused classes. I would imagine this means no tank or healing classes? Talk about some of the challenges in creating diversity in an offensive-focused class pool?

While designing the classes we wanted to make sure that every player had the opportunity to be a damage dealer, no matter the class they chose. As the mobile gaming environment is particularly always evolving, we did not want to implement a system that would require players to form parties filled by specific roles. If PvP matches were based in small, compact areas, then maybe this would be something we could do, but with V4 being based in a free-roaming world, we felt this approach wouldn’t work. Also, PvP in V4 often happens in large-scale massive battles so we wanted to ensure certain role-based classes would not tip the scales and allow unfair victories. Our goal is to focus on each player’s character growth over the addition of different class types.

That is not to say the classes in V4 aren’t diverse as is. Each class has their own unique skills that are advantageous for them in certain scenarios. How well those skills are prepared can determine who wins and losses in PvE or PvP. The skills a player chooses to use may vary depending if they are in a 1-on-1 duel or part of a massive battle. It is through this that players can also discover the pros and cons of each class. When it comes to V4’s class system, it was our intention to have the players recognize that different classes are ideal for different scenarios.

5. V4 features both player vs player and PvPvE experiences. Is there a large competitive advantage for PC players over mobile players? Are there plans to implement instance based PVP like arenas?

With V4 being a cross-platform title, we really focused on making it an equal experience regardless of your platform of choice. Experiences may differ slightly just due to the mechanics of PC play or mobile play, but overall, we strived to make it an equal playing field for all.

6. Players will have over 50 customization options. Don’t worry we know it costs money to keep the servers on. Will the majority of these cost real money? Will there be any items or services you can buy with real money that will give you a competitive edge over other players?

With over 50 customization options, players will be able to really craft a hero based on their personal choices. From class armor to the physical look of their weapons, players will be able to curate a character indicative of their choices. As with most free-to-play titles, there will be some in-game costs, should players choose to upgrade their customization options in this way. However, we believe those who choose to not spend money will still be able to have a fully realized V4 experience, especially since regular achievement-based cosmetics can be unlocked within the game. While there will be special items that players can purchase to enhance their experience, every player will have ample opportunity to deal as much damage possible in Syllunas.

7. We are seeing more and more PC games become cross-platform with mobile. Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. What are some of the greatest challenges in creating a cross-platform MMORPG as opposed to a one map battle royal? 

Unsurprisingly, mobile has become a powerhouse platform in gaming over the years and we wanted to take advantage of modern mobile hardware as much as possible. As such, we pumped PC-level details into V4 on mobile and provided everyone with an equal 1-to-1 experience regardless of the platform they are on. As for the challenges between designing a game like ours and a single-map battle royale experience, ultimately it comes down to offering the variety that players expect from an MMORPG. Creating a world like ours and filling it to the brim with content, as opposed to a single map where the main object is to be the last person standing, requires an entirely different approach to design that it’s nearly incomparable. Both genres have their own hurdles to overcome.

8. Finally, is there anything you would like to add for the people of the GamingLyfe Nation?

We are really thrilled that players are enjoying V4 and we’re constantly listening to player feedback for ways in which we can improve the overall experience. We look forward to continuing to build upon Syllunas so that the V4 experience is enjoyed for a long time to come.

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