Join the Coreborn Technical Beta and Shape the Future of the Game

The Coreborn community is eagerly invited to participate in the Technical Beta, which is scheduled for the 31st of May. This playtest serves as a crucial opportunity for the development team to test and refine the game’s systems before the upcoming Open Beta. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Technical Beta and outline the objectives set for this phase of development.

Technical Beta Details: The Technical Beta will commence on May 31st at 11 AM CEST and conclude at 7 PM on June 1st.

Important Note: It is important to note that this playtest primarily aims to gather general data on specific system limits. Consequently, the gameplay experience and loop during the Technical Beta may contain imperfections and may not be fully optimized or finely tuned at this stage. The development team is still in the process of implementing various systems and features, which are still a work in progress and require further adjustments and tweaks. Therefore, it is requested that participants refrain from focusing on testing and providing feedback on these specific aspects. The understanding and cooperation of the community are highly appreciated as the development team endeavors to enhance the game based on the valuable feedback received.

Focus Area: Building and Stability System The behavior of the server and client with regard to the building and stability system is a major point of interest during this Technical Beta. To ensure a comprehensive testing process, the community’s cooperation is kindly sought in the following areas:

  1. Exploring Building Sets: Participants are encouraged to explore the diverse building sets available within the game. Rather than merely utilizing testing blocks, this is the ideal opportunity to showcase creativity and construct visually appealing and engaging structures. The full range of building options should be utilized to create unique designs that accurately reflect the envisioned in-game building behavior during the Early Access phase.
  2. Showcasing Imagination and Craftsmanship: The Technical Beta presents an excellent platform to exhibit imagination and craftsmanship. By experimenting with various combinations of materials and exploring the extensive selection of building sets, participants can bring their creative visions to life. This testing phase allows for the expression of individual creativity and contributes to the development of an immersive gaming environment.
  3. Creating Meaningful Towns and Areas: While the primary goal is to conduct testing, participants are encouraged to enjoy the Technical Beta by focusing on constructing meaningful and enjoyable towns, buildings, and areas. The aim is to develop spaces that would be appealing to both the participants and their friends. This approach not only aids in the testing process but also enables a comprehensive exploration of the potential of the build system and facilitates the imagination of future gameplay possibilities.

Conclusion: The development team highly appreciates the continuous support and involvement of the Coreborn community throughout the game’s development journey. The Technical Beta serves as a significant milestone, and the team is immensely grateful to have the community on board for this adventure. The feedback provided during the playtest will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the game, shaping its future, and ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for all players.

Join the Technical Beta and be an integral part of shaping the future of the game. Together, let’s build a captivating world that immerses players in a universe driven by your imagination and the dedication of the development team to deliver an extraordinary gaming experience.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

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