Jufu and Immortals of Aveum Join Forces to Drop New Single in Launch Trailer

Brooklyn Rap Phenomenon Meets Magic FPS

Today marks a unique collaboration between Electronic Arts Inc., Ascendant Studios, and the talented Brooklyn-based rap artist Jufu. The launch trailer for Immortals of Aveum, a groundbreaking single-player, first-person magic shooter, features Jufu’s latest single “All Time Great.”

A High-Powered Track for Exhilarating Gameplay

The game’s exhilarating trailer sets the stage with intense combat and breathtaking graphics, all underscored by Jufu’s dynamic track. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the world of Lucium’s elite magic-wielders, as the beat prepares them to embark on a journey to save the realm.

Jufu’s Musical Journey Mirrors Jak’s Adventure

Known to his 3.1 Million fans on TikTok as Jufu, Julian Jeanmarie is a rising star in the world of rap. His partnership with EA and Ascendant Studios resonates with the hero’s journey in Immortals of Aveum, echoing Jak’s path of summoning and controlling his magical power. The connection between Jufu’s musical evolution and Jak’s character development adds depth to the trailer and the game itself.

Bret Robbins Talks Partnership with Jufu

Bret Robbins, CEO and Game Director at Ascendant Studios, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating the choice of Jufu was a natural fit. Robbins highlighted how the game’s diverse soundtrack, encompassing genres like hip-hop, orchestral, electronic, chill, ambient, and industrial, made Jufu’s unique sound the perfect addition to the launch trailer.

Enter the World of Aveum as Jak, The ‘Unforeseen’

Immortals of Aveum allows players to explore the universe as Jak, a late bloomer in magical abilities known as an ‘Unforeseen.’ The game plunges Jak into a raging war where he must master magic and uncover Aveum’s troubled past. With an ancient artifact called the Sigil and the guidance of the Immortals, players will face powerful adversaries in their quest to turn the tides of the Everwar.

Launch Details

Immortals of Aveum will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via the EA app, Steam and Epic Games Store starting August 22. The pricing is set at $59.99 USD (PC) and $69.99 USD (consoles). A Deluxe Edition, including unique gear like sigils, rings, bracers, and totems, is offered at $69.99 USD (PC) and $79.99 USD (consoles). EA Play Pro members will have exclusive access to the Deluxe edition on the EA app.

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

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