Let the Manhunt Continue! Darwin Project Closed Alpha 2.0 Announced, Featuring Show Director

Grab your warmest jacket, because it’s about time to return to the frozen battleground. Get ready to dive back into Darwin Project as you wield the game-changing power of the Show Director!

Last month, battle royale fans from around the world came together to compete in Darwin Project’s first Closed Alpha Weekend, resulting in over 1.5 million views on YouTube and more than 11 years of watch time on Twitch. Following up on this massively successful weekend, Scavengers Studio is excited to announce that combatants will have another chance to return to the snowy battleground. Beginning Friday, December 15Darwin Project’s PC servers will go live once again for a weekend of axe and arrow-related fatalities. As with before, the Closed Alpha Weekend will run from:

Start: Friday, December 15 at Noon PT / 3:00pm  ET / 9:00pm UTC +1


End: Sunday, December 17 at 9:00pm PT / Midnight ET / 6:00am UTC + 1

This time however, any player will be able to take on the role of the Show Director, a new feature that’s changing the face of the battle royale genre. Rather than hitting the ground as a combatant, the Show Director surveys the arena as a floating, omnipotent, power-tripping drone. Not only does the Show Director have the best view of the carnage that’s unfolding below, but they have access to a range of unique abilities that allow them to turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Want to single out a particularly stealthy player and make them visible on everyone’s maps? Launch a Manhunt! Notice a team that’s decided to set up camp in a far-off zone? Drop a nuke, eliminating their zone from play altogether. As the match progresses, the Show Director’s arsenal of abilities grows, meaning there’s no shortage of ways to shape the arena to their will.


In addition to opening the Show Director up to all Closed Alpha players, Scavengers Studio will also be taking to Twitch ahead of the weekend festivities for a special dev stream, as they present the main highlights of this new patch and feature a ShowMatch with their special guests. Not only that, but as a player of this special Christmas Closed Alpha, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive, cosmetic Christmas item once the game launches!

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