“LVL Up Expo” Las Vegas 2019 – Review

The “LVL Up Expo” recently took over the Las Vegas Convention Center, and attendees couldn’t have been more satisfied with the three-day event. The weather was sunny and warm, parking was conveniently close to check-in, the convention space was well thought-out for vendors, and cosplay was everywhere! Adults and children of all ages traversed the center in awe, in character, and in playful stride.

GamingLyfe Network truly had the best placement within the expo … housed upon an elevated stage in the center of the crowds, making it practically impossible to miss. Hosts from GL Live were hyped to be together on camera once again – including KingMeach, The_NerdWife (both recognized from “The King and The Nerd” episodes), Akil The Real Deal (known for his “Dragon Wizdom” and rhyming skills), and QueenTrishy (who is typically behind-the-scenes as the Lead Content Editor). Countless expo attendees flooded the GL area to play on the PC gaming set-ups that surrounded the edges. Of course, we must shout-out the awesome sponsors who provided such an engaging addition to the GL fortress – AORUS Computers, Viotek Monitors, OPSEAT Gaming Charis, and HyperX Gaming Headsets.

Talent visits were not lacking at the GamingLyfe Network booth … and guess what? All the featured footage is available at GamingLife.com as well as the GL YouTube channel. Here is a recap of the memorable highlights:

  • Voice actresses of the “RWBY” web series (Lindsay Jones, Arryn Zech, Kara Eberle, Barbara Dunkelman) played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with KingMeach and The_NerdWife

  • Bowser (voiced by Kenny James) and Mario (voiced by Charles Martinet) stopped by for a photo op with the GL Team
  • Eric Vale (known for voicing Trunks in DBZ) was interviewed by Akil

  • YouTube prankster/cosplay sensation “D Piddy” joined the GL hosts for an epic cosplay contest

  • Christopher Sabat (most recognized for voicing Vegeta in DBZ) hung out with KingMeach

  • The captains from the Military Gaming League were interviewed by Akil and QueenTrishy
  • YouTube-based “Team Four Star” (Grant Smith, Kirran Somerlade, Tyler Koi) competed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside KingMeach and The_NerdWife

  • Ceevee_Illustrations” (who creates holographic anime posters) and “Phruitbasket” (who designs adorable waterproof stickers) were featured vendor-artists who shared their stories with QueenTrishy
  • Brospeh Joe Brody (known as AJ Kirsch in real life) of Versus Pro Wrestling invited KingMeach to co-commentate during their matches but also brought fights to the GL Live stage

Attending the “LVL Up Expo” was certainly a treat. Las Vegas has started to embrace the gaming-anime-comic scene more thoroughly in recent years, and it only continues to build momentum. Apparently, this year’s expo was larger than last year’s … so we can only hope that 2020 will have an even larger turnout (fingers crossed)!

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