Developer Toon York City is proud to announce that their kid-friendly, educational game My Pizza Family is available now on Android and iOS devices through the Google Play and App store for $2.99. In My Pizza Family, children and their parents unfold the story of two kids, Alex and Camilla, as they help out with their family’s pizza shop and volunteer to make their neighborhood a better place. This interactive sitcom-like experience brings best-in-class production, offering Hollywood caliber talent with incredible acting and dialog. Get treated to hilarious musical cut scenes reminiscent of LA LA Land while kids learn valuable lessons about hard work, community, and making pizza!

Game play features include an interactive story mode, open world exploration and gardening, Spanish/English vocabulary, and an invite-based multiplayer option so kids can play with their parents or friends in a safe environment. The story and gameplay are centered around the importance of family and community to promote social and emotional learning.

My Pizza Family tells the tale of a couple of industrious kids, Alex and Camilla, living in the heart of Toon York City. Their family’s pizzeria, a local favorite, has fallen on hard times and they want to help keep it in business. With the help of the family’s secret ingredients—Paulie Pepperoni, Tony Tomato, Maria Basil, Giorgio Mozzarella, and Johnny Dough (aka the PIZZA TOONS)—Alex and Camilla learn the tricks of the trade while helping their pizzeria to stay afloat. Along the way, they learn about giving back to their neighborhood with a community garden to beautify a common space and bring fresh ingredients to all.

My Pizza Family immerses parents and their young children into an entertaining interactive story, with the help of celebrity voice actors (Kevin Farley, Karina Ortiz, and Kyndra Sanchez). Their performances add to the animated cutscenes to set the stage for a truly entertaining, educational experience about coming together and working toward a common goal. Jason Trachtenburg’s Broadway-style songs add an authentic NYC flavor complete with a five-piece jazz band.

“Our goal with My Pizza Family is to deliver a genuine story that can teach kids a lot about what it means to give back to the places they live and love. We want to help them understand that hard work and discipline can help them form bonds with their neighbors and the effect those connections can have on the places they live,” says Thomas Byrd, Executive Producer.

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