Meet Pickles: The Four-Legged Philosopher and Newest Ally in Reverse: 1999

Unleash Pickles' Brainpower in 'The Theft of the Rimet Cup', Now Live on App Store, Google Play, and PC!

The Latest Update: “The Theft of the Rimet Cup”

Bluepoch Games has rolled out the second phase of the Version 1.1 update for the time-warping RPG, Reverse: 1999. The update, dubbed “The Theft of the Rimet Cup”, is now live and up for grabs for free across the App Store, Google Play, and PC platforms.

Introducing Pickles and Diggers

This phase brings two new faces to the game: Diggers, a bubble-blowing hippie, and Pickles, a 6-star Border Collie. Pickles isn’t just your average tail-wagger. Summonable via the new rate-up banner “Thus Spoke The Border Collie,” this canine genius is often caught in deep thought about the universe, science, and philosophy.

A Sage Doggo’s Melancholy

Despite his translator, allowing him to chat with humans, Pickles often finds himself engulfed in solitude, mulling over life’s grand mysteries. His wisdom seems to come with a side of loneliness, only soothed by his love for sea bass.

Pickles’ Skills Unleashed

Pickles isn’t just a deep thinker; he’s a powerhouse in battle. With the Mineral status and mental damage capabilities, he’s the only 6-star character currently boasting dispelling abilities. His skillset includes Nihilism Abuse, Hedonism Implement, and the ultimate skill [Thus Spoke Pickles], alongside three insightful perks enhancing his battle prowess.

Building the Perfect Pickles

To maximize Pickles’ potential:

  • Equip Psychubus with Luxurious Leisure and Brave New World for increased damage.
  • Team him up with Regulus for weakening and controlling enemies, and Baby Blue for mental support and boosting team survival and damage.

A Call to Arms

Pickles, the four-legged philosopher, is waiting for your command. Dive into the world of Reverse: 1999, and let Pickles’ mental acumen lead you to victory!

Reverse: 1999 players, it’s time to recruit the brainy Pickles and explore the new challenges in “The Theft of the Rimet Cup”. Ready to strategize with the newest, most intellectual ally on your team?

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

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