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Have ewe herd the news? Clouds & Sheep 2 coming to Nintendo Switch™

Video games have transformed you into the Mayor, the Manager and the President of… everything, basically, from factories to YouTube stars to game development studios and even starship corporations. Bu...

Darksiders III Accolades Trailer revealed

Fury’s unleashing was three weeks ago… Time flies during the Apocalypse!

Biomutant gameplay sizzle released

It has been quiet for some time now, but this is by no means a bad thing. Enjoy the latest gameplay sizzle for Biomutant!

The Wait is Finally OVER…But The Apocalypse is Just Getting Started!

After more than six years, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games today announced the release of Darksiders° III! Hack-n-slash action-adventure fans around the world can now experience the highly anticipated st...

“Horse With no Name”-Trailer for Darksiders III released

For some, the original song (by the band America) is related to series, movies, or games (Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Air America, Hideous Kinky, ...

Darksiders III ASMR – The Sound and the Fury

Are you suffering from the holiday season blues? Losing sleep because you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, sick of gingerbread lattes already, worried that you won’t have enough time to play v...

The roots of the Apocalypse – The Darksiders III Intro revealed in new trailer

The Apocalypse is near. But what is the story behind the four horsemen? Watch the Intro to find out. As brevity is the soul of wit, we send you this link, please work with it:

An open world with no rules: former Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive comes to PC!

After the stellar surprise reveal of Sunset Overdrive at the FanFest in Mexico City, Sunset Overdrive is now available for PC on Steam. Now we can finally share with you, that there will be a physical...

The Apocalypse approaches – THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games reveal new trailer for Darksiders III

Last month we had Halloween, next month we will have New Year’s Eve – and this month? The Apocalypse. It’s only 11 days until we can finally help Fury fight the Seven Deadly Sins who...

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