MGC Valor Gaming Case Revolutionizes Mobile Phone Gaming

Mobile Gaming Corps™ (MGC) introduces the Valor Gaming Case with Gaming Glass screen protector, a revolutionary phone accessory designed to significantly enhance the mobile gaming experience. MGC will launch their innovative product on Kickstarter on Monday March 25th, 2019.

Powerful performance

Featuring patent-pending technology, the MGC Valor Gaming Case delivers a new level of control, speed and accuracy in mobile games like Fortnite, PUBG, Asphalt 9: Legends and more. Mappable buttons on the case give players an extra 2 points of customized control, making mobile gaming a more console-like experience. No longer limited to 2 thumbs, compatible games are amplified through MGC’s innovative integration with their customizable controls.

For years mobile gamers have been restricted to the use of their 2 thumbs, forced to sacrifice precious reaction time, or contort their hands into uncomfortable positions like the infamous “claw grip.” The only hardware alternative was to use a bulky mobile controller, which was cumbersome for on-the-go play and often had connection issues, or snap-on triggers, which block parts of the screen and often slide out of position during play. Both require gamers to carry around extra hardware, and both must be removed before the phone can be used for everyday tasks.

Now with MGC, mobile gamers get what they’ve always wanted – an innovative accessory that integrates perfectly with their phone, offering a reliable and undeniable advantage in gameplay. In addition, the MGC Valor Gaming Case requires no power, so all of a mobile phone’s battery life can be saved for the things which users love most – gaming, chatting, posting…and more gaming!

button layout

Epic innovation

The MGC Gaming Case is designed for gaming and built for protection. Within its sleek and stylish form are several unique features designed to keep mobile phones cool and guarded from the bumps of daily life.

The ergonomically designed polycarbonate case provides immediate comfort when held in both standard phone and gaming orientations. The back of the case features a rubberized plate for added grip and airflow vents to help to keep phones cool during intense gaming sessions. The included Gaming Glass screen protector delivers HD clarity with superior touch sensitivity. The raised front-facing case edge protects the screen when placed on a table or other flat surface, while the reinforced edges help to absorb damaging shock from drops. The MGC Gaming Case has the innovative technology to significantly improve gaming performance in a slim and stylish design that works perfectly as an every-day accessory.

Availability and pricing

The MGC Valor Gaming Case will launch on Kickstarter Monday March 25th, 2019. Pricing and configurations will be announced in the campaign, which you can access once it goes live through the MGC profile:

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