Monster taming MMORPG Untamed Isles Coming to Steam Early Access

Phat Loot Studios has announced their upcoming monster hunting and taming turn-based MMORPG, Untamed Isles. In the game, players will find tames, unique creatures that inhabit an ever-evolving world, with interesting looks and even more intriguing features. Aspiring to take an all-new approach to the monster-catching genre, Phat Loot Studios aims to give players more freedom in an open world, multiplayer features, and endless combinations of monsters to tame.

Untamed Isles is breaking the rules in the monster-taming genre, launching with over one million visually and tactically unique monsters. Unlike other monster-catching games, there are only ten different base species of tames living in the Isles at launch. Each base tame’s head, front legs, back legs, torso, and tail, may be randomly mixed to create a variety of combinations. Every tame also has one of 15 mood types affecting the tame’s coloring and combat style.

New tames added to the game will further increase the combinations, creating an evolving world and expanding the player experience. Additionally, players can encounter extremely rare Gemborne and Alpha variations of tames.

Players will get to explore the Isles, which will have a unique weather system providing different experiences as well as impacting the tames that appear. Players will not only have to tame, fight and breed the tames in the world, but there will also be dungeons, PP areas, and professions to consider.

Untamed Isles uses a Rock/Paper/Scissors style of combat system. While selecting their tames to bring out into battle, players must remember that Defense beats Attack, while Attack beats Utility, and Utility beats Defense. Tamers must also remember the different battling mechanics, such as Move Speed and Stacking.

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