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Today, Origin is launching a new Origin experience, built around an immersive interface that makes it easier to discover new experiences and dive deeper into the games you love.

We sat down with Origin developer Sohrab Zabetian to learn more about his role in the project and his passion for gaming.

How long did the Origin UX project take from beginning to end?

The project took around two and a half years, with over 10 developers actively working on the new Store front since beginning of September 2015.

What was your role in working on the new UX?

I was one of 10 UX developers that worked on making wireframes to working software. The team worked on new features, enhanced existing features and resolved bugs.

Why did you start working in gaming?

I always enjoyed gaming and been on the consumer end of gaming, but always wanted to be a contributor and finally I got my chance to work at one of the best gaming studios in the world.

What are your earliest memories of playing games?

Playing on commodore 64. I had to wait 10 minutes for old cassette tapes to load a pixelated game, but in the end it was worth it when I was able to play my favorite games like Paperboy and Samurai Warrior.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part is collaborating with other developers, developing new exciting features and solving technical problems. We have a talented team that is committed to delivering the best experience for our players, and it’s rewarding to see months of hard work come together.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Resolving cross team issues and improving performance of the application to deliver the best user experience. We’re constantly challenging ourselves and evaluating what we can do to create an incredible experience for our players.

What are some of the small details that go into redesigning UX that players may not be aware of?

We don’t actually build pages the players see, instead we work on building blocks of a page then another team uses our building blocks to create the player experience.

Are there any examples of the team pulling together to solve a problem throughout this process?

The great part of our team is that there are daily examples of this – coming together to work on challenging problems is now part of our daily routine, and one we look forward to accomplishing together every day.

Want to learn more about the updated Origin experience?

Try out Origin and tell us what you think. Also, be sure to follow all the latest updates on Origin on Twitter and Facebook.

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