Narrative Puzzle Adventure Delete After Reading Revealed, Steam Next Fest Demo Soon

From the creators of the acclaimed Unmemory comes a game you can read and a book you can play.

Nina, Cinco, and Tomate are an unusual group of kids (a ghost girl, a goblin rapper, and a rabbit that looks suspiciously familiar to a certain Blues Brother) that enjoy doing usual kids stuff: playing, getting into trouble from time to time and embark on an occasional adventure to save the only copy of one of the most influential video games ever. Patrones & Escondites, the studio behind the acclaimed Unmemory, announces that Delete After Reading, its new game, is under development for Steam and mobile platforms. The game’s demo will be available on the Steam Next Fest (June 13th – 20th, 2022) plus players can already wishlist the game on Steam.

It was one of the worst days of your life, but everything seemed to change when you found a strange device that contained a mysterious file named Delete After Reading. Obviously, curiosity beat you and that’s how you ended up here: joining a group of kids on an adventure to sneak into the mansion of one of the planet’s wealthiest men with one goal: to rescue the one and only copy of The Curse of Penguin Island, one of the most influential games of all time. But there’s a twist to this story, as Destiny lurks in the shadows to ensure that the world functions properly. The only way to beat it? You need to carefully hide your plans so, remember how important it is to delete after reading.

Similar to Unmemory, Delete After Reading is a game that blends different genres — a text-based adventure with puzzles and escape room mechanics where players will have to solve different situations to move forward in a 5-chapter adventure. The gameplay is centered around the texts, so players will have to carefully read them to find clues and hints to solve every puzzle along the way. The game also aims to teach its players the importance of shaping your own destiny while knowing that, for every action, there are consequences that can’t be undone

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