Netmarble Rolls Out New Update for Paragon: The Overprime, Featuring Riktor and Hero Mastery System

Netmarble has dropped a game-changing update for their free-to-play action MOBA, Paragon: The Overprime. The patch features Riktor, a much-anticipated melee support hero from Epic Games’ Paragon. The update also includes a new Hero Mastery system, added passive skills, and limited-time summer skins.

Riktor Makes a Grand Entry

Riktor is not just any melee support hero; he’s a highly requested fan-favorite. Originating from the Natav Empire, he was an honorable police officer before a life-altering accident. Now a cyborg and part of the NSS, a universal anti-terrorist organization, Riktor comes with a set of electrifying skills:

  • Whip (Basic Attack): A simple chain whip attack dealing Physical Damage.
  • Deadly Chain Whip: A line-targeted attack affecting multiple enemies.
  • Electro Shock: Enhances Basic Attack with electricity, adding Silence and Slowing effects.
  • Electro Storm: Deals magical damage to enemies in proximity.
  • Blazing Chain Whip (Ultimate): A chain whip attack dealing Magical Damage and applying Stun, followed by Bonus Magical Damage.

Introducing the Hero Mastery System

This update introduces the Hero Mastery system. The system tracks players’ skill levels for each hero and allows them to level up their Hero Mastery. As Mastery Level increases, players unlock hero backstory and Master Skin rewards.

New Passive Skills and Hero Balance

Additional passives have been introduced for Rampage and Kallari. Rampage now regenerates health passively while in the jungle, and Kallari gains two additional mid-air jumps. The Karma system has also been readjusted to enhance the dynamism of battles. Heroes like Rampage and Muriel have undergone rebalancing, improving overall game balance.

Dive Into Summer with New Skins

Limited-time summer-themed skins are also part of this update, available until the end of September. These skins vary in grades, from Hero to Rare, featuring skins like ‘Brilliant Vacation Sparrow’ and ‘Protector of the Sea for Murdock’.

PlayStation 5 Beta on the Horizon

Paragon: The Overprime will be hitting the PlayStation 5 with a beta test scheduled from September 13th – 25th. This marks the game’s first foray onto console platforms.

Gameplay and Strategy

Paragon: The Overprime continues to offer 5v5 team play, focusing on strategic actions and rapid gameplay. With the introduction of new heroes, passive skills, and system adjustments, players have more ways than ever to tailor their strategies and dominate the Prime battlefield.

By implementing these updates, Netmarble aims to enrich the gameplay experience and introduce more layers of strategy into the game’s mechanics. With the PlayStation 5 beta around the corner, Paragon: The Overprime looks poised to capture even more fans in the gaming universe.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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