New Character, Beast Rage Buck, Joins the Lineup in Digital Card Fantasy RPG — Deck of Ashes

As Deck of Ashes, the collectible dark fantasy card-battler continues its progress through Early Access, developer AYGames has been hard at work adding new content — and today they are pleased to announce they are adding a new and free character to the game. Today, the team would like to introduce players to Beast Rage Buck and his companion Charon.

Buck is a deadly fighter, bringing with him the following skills:

  • Berserk: The less health he has, the more powerful his sword strikes become. His attacks cause agonizing wounds that lead to a terrible, screaming death for his foes.
  • Execution: Buck weakens his opponent and then can deal massive damage. He earns bonuses from killing opponents weakened with this attack.
  • Marks: Call out specific opponents via special marks that act as targets for your faithful companion Charon. Charon, who seems like a cute and fuzzy kitten at first blush, quickly levels up into a nightmarish hellcat, complete with special attacks all his own.

Buck’s debut in the game will also unlock all previous in-game events, as well as their associated cards and skills, which you can unlock and use to vary your play style.

New character skins will also arrive with this update — and each skin has special stats that change the flow of the game.

If you haven’t checked out Deck of Ashes before, now’s a perfect time, as not only has the team at AYGames added Buck to the mix, but previous updates include:

  • Consumable items: These are items you can purchase for in-game gold and use in battle for a boost
  • Dungeons and Dungeon Lords: Clear the dungeons and defeat the Dungeon Lords on Heroic difficulty and earn even more rewards
  • 67 new attack animations have been added for all monsters — the enemies feel even more lively and dangerous than before
  • Speed mode: All battles and map movements happen more quickly
  • Economy re-balancing: Character and monster cards have been rebalanced along with the overall game economy receiving a rework
  • Every archetype in the game has received its own unique, distinctive icon, making it easier to create card combos, especially for new players


Deck of Ashes is a procedurally-generated turn-based RPG with a unique twist: players must explore the world as they track down powerful cards in order to forge a powerful Battle Deck. After battling an ever-more challenging succession of foes, players will use their deck to battle the ultimate evil and dispel the Ash Curse. Be careful, though, as losing a battle means losing all your hard-earned cards, and having to start fresh!

In Deck of Ashes, players will find themselves scouring a grim fantasy world in search of combat cards, supplies, and other resources — all while battling against some of the vilest beasts the cursed land has to offer. While collecting cards to outfit their deck with a band of ruthless antiheroes, players will choose their champion — each of whom has a unique card deck — and take on the world, one intense encounter after another.

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