New Hero Alert: MARTY Jams into PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME’s Latest Update

Dive into a New Dimension of Gameplay with K-Pop Sensation MARTY's Arrival

Netmarble Unleashes a K-Pop Invasion in PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME

Netmarble, a titan in the gaming universe, has just rolled out a fresh update for the much-talked-about PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. Gamers, brace yourselves for the new hero hitting the roster – MARTY, from the virtual K-pop crew MAVE:, created by Metaverse Entertainment. This isn’t just about adding a new character; it’s a cultural fusion, bringing a K-pop storm right into the heart of gaming.

 Meet MARTY: K-Pop Meets Sci-Fi

Transported to planet Prime via an interdimensional twist, MARTY’s journey is anything but ordinary. Thanks to an encounter with some wild cosmic forces, she’s not just any pop star – she’s a pop star with some serious magical mojo. Her skillset is as unique as her backstory:

  • Command: Rush – Unleashes a Yaksha to dish out magical damage and slow down enemies.
  • Dimensional Mind – Inflicts a pesky debuff that continuously drains the enemy’s health.
  • Summon Yaksha – Conjures a massive portal, pulling enemies into a slow-moving vortex.

Assemble! MAVE: Drops a New Track for the Game

Gear up for an auditory treat as “Assemble”, a track exclusively composed for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME by MAVE:, hits the in-game airwaves. This isn’t just any game soundtrack; it’s a sneak peek into MAVE:’s upcoming 2nd album, blending gaming and music in a way that’s bound to get heads nodding.

Skins, Emotes, and More: The Update’s Loot

This update isn’t just about MARTY. Players can expect a treasure trove of new content, including:

  • Fresh skins, including one for MARTY.
  • New game items like Shield & Shredder, Hunting Instinct, and more.
  • An enhanced Emote menu to amp up in-battle interactions.

Competitive Play Heats Up: Season 3 Commences

With the close of Season 2, PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME’s competitive landscape is shifting. Players who clinched Gold rank or higher in Season 2 are bagging the Heroic Grade Dreamcatcher skin for Belica. And as Season 3 fires up, it’s a race towards the official 2024 game launch.

Join the Beta Battle: Sign Up for the Closed Test

Don’t just watch from the sidelines – jump into the fray! The game’s second Closed Beta Test is slated for December 15 to January 8 in the U.S. and Europe. It’s a not-to-be-missed chance for players to etch their names in the annals of PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME’s lore.

In essence, Netmarble’s latest update for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is more than just a game update. It’s a cultural crossover, a blend of music, sci-fi, and competitive gaming, promising an exhilarating experience for players worldwide.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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