Nexomon: Extinction is Out Now on Xbox One!

PQube & developer VEWO Interactive are delighted to announce that Nexomon: Extinction is available now on Xbox One! Thanks to Smart Delivery, Xbox One tamers will also be able to play the game on Xbox Series X/S!

From today, players on Xbox can join a growing community of over 100,000 tamers in exploring the vast open world of Nexomon: Extinction, teeming with 381 Nexomon to capture & tame! Nexomon Tamers on all platforms can also enjoy a raft of new updates.

Nexomon: Extinction captures the charm of the genre’s roots and features:

  • An epic story stretching out over 20+ hours of playtime
  • A large variety of optional side-quests
  • The game’s gorgeous map is an Open World apart from some unlockable, high-level areas
  • There are 381 Nexomon to discover, battle and collect
  • Expect plenty of Animated Scenes as well as Back Sprites for all Nexomon in battles!

And more features are being added! Live now on Xbox One and all other platforms.

Tamers can look forward to regular updates to Nexomon: Extinction. Here’s a taste of some of the new features which have been added to the game since launch – and a look at what’s still to come!

Synergy Cores

In Nexomon Extinction, elemental cores can be crafted to boost each Nexomon’s attributes. Equipping a Nexomon with a new Synergy Core will help your whole team gain experience by sharing the EXP gained by that Nexomon in battle.

New Items

A raft of new items are waiting to be found! Including Mining Goggles and an Ultra Pickaxe to help you mine precious elemental shards, and Running Shoes which can be added to your inventory to help you flee from powerful Nexomon!

New Avatars

10 new avatars have been added to the existing roster of colourful characters. You can change your avatar at any time according to your preference – and don’t forget to choose a Nexomon Follower – there are over 25 to unlock!

More Still to Come!

Look out for further updates to come, including a Custom Mode which will allow players to customize their experience. Includes the ability to transfer Nexomon from another save, randomize enemies, increase the difficulty to your liking, and more!

Nexomon: Extinction is out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam!

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