Nexon Partners with GRAYGAMES to Launch Project T, A New MMORPG

Introduction to the Partnership

Nexon Co., Ltd., a leader in the global online gaming market, has announced a significant partnership through its subsidiary, Nexon Korea Corporation. This collaboration with GRAYGAMES Inc. is set to bring a new MMORPG, Project T, to a worldwide audience on both PC and mobile platforms.

Background of Project T

Project T is inspired by the popular Korean web novel and webtoon, Overgeared, which has captivated readers for over a decade with a total of 1.3 billion views. The game builds on the adventures of the novel’s protagonist, Young-woo Shin, who gains extraordinary powers in a game world with medieval elements.

Game Features and World Design

The game is designed to immerse players in the established universe of Overgeared, incorporating elements of virtual reality that are central to the original series. Players can look forward to engaging with a multitude of game features such as hidden quests, unique classes, epic storylines, and an extensive crafting system. The setting combines elements of fantasy and the medieval era, offering players a richly developed world where they can establish nations, engage in warfare, and navigate complex social hierarchies through the granting of titles.

Development and Expectations

Developed by the newly founded GRAYGAMES, Project T is the result of the expertise of a team renowned for their depth of experience in MMORPG development and live operations. The team’s commitment to delivering an engaging and immersive experience is further evidenced by their exclusive development agreement with REDICE STUDIO for the Overgeared game.

Implications for Nexon’s Portfolio

As Project T moves towards its global release, this initiative represents a strategic enhancement of Nexon’s diverse game portfolio. By expanding into new thematic areas and embracing innovative gameplay mechanics, Nexon aims to cater to a broader audience and strengthen its presence in the competitive gaming market.

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