Next-Gen Battle Royale Ring of Elysium Officially Launches on Steam

Aurora Studio is thrilled to announce that battle royale shooter, Ring of Elysium has left Early Access and is now a full release on Steam. The well-received title recently released it’s latest game mode Ashen Eye which features no zone shrinking and pits players against one another in all-new gameplay. To celebrate the game’s official release Aurora Studio will also be rewarding players with a new weapon skin as well as equipment appearances.

Having launched on Steam Early Access on September 19, 2018 Ring of Elysium introduced players to a dynamic weather system in which they battled it out against freezing temperatures and oncoming avalanches while taking out enemy players. The game has since evolved into a fan favorite sparking cosplays as well as an active esports community. Aurora Studio recently announced the latest game mode which will have players attempting to survive the aftermath of a volcanic eruption on the once paradise island of Europa. Players will have a limited amount of oxygen and will be chasing the ever moving Ashen Eye safe zone in order to get respite from their constantly depleting oxygen levels and attempt to trigger the countdown for the rescue helicopter.

Ring of Elysium

In addition to the new Ashen Eye game mode players will also be able to get their hands on a new weapon skin as well as traversal equipment appearances and in-game E-points. From now until July 1st, players that log into the game will be able to use the Stella M4A1 weapon skin for free during the event period. Players can earn a permanent version of the weapon skin by logging into the game each day and completing daily tasks. Each login will net players 10 points, while each daily task completed will award 5 points. Once players have earned 100 points they’ll be able to unlock the Stella M4A1 weapon skin. Players will also be able to earn new equipment appearances and E-points from now until June 28. Players that have logged into the game for 7 consecutive days will receive 200 E-points, as well as the “Dynamite” portrait and “Aurora Studio” accessory and traversal skins

Players can earn launch rewards and test their survival skills in the new Ashen Eye mode as well as the Season 4 Adventurer Pass by downloading Ring of Elysium for free on Steam.

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