NFT Gaming Action-RPG ‘Big Time’ Reveals First Look at Alpha Gameplay

Big Time is a free-to-play online game that incorporates NFT collectibles and a history-spanning adventure with hundreds of players hacking and slashing through the game together.

All NFT items in the game are cosmetic and can be traded, rented, and sold to other players to ensure a non-pay-to-win game. Big Time Studios is focused on developing a game that just so happens to have NFTs to give players a great experience.

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Big Time Studios’ upcoming online co-op adventure through time and space gives players ownership over their personal virtual property through NFTs.

Big Time Studios, a new development company devoted to creating immersive online video games, just revealed the first alpha version game footage trailer for Big Time, its upcoming cooperative action RPG that combines intense combat, NFT collectibles, and a history-spanning adventure. The trailer commemorates the availability of a VIP Early Access Pass now on sale, which grants players head starts on collecting valuable cosmetic and decorative items in-game.

Big Time is a free-to-play third-person action RPG that takes players through time and space to encounter some of history’s most famous – and infamous – figures. The mission is to reveal a mysterious threat that’s tearing down the walls of time and collapsing history in completely unexpected ways. All of this can be experienced through an expansive online experience that allows for hundreds of players to hack and slash their way through Big Time together.

Collecting the bevy of in-game loot is critical to Big Time. Throughout the game, players can snag all sorts of new usable gear, pets, mounts, player titles and ranks, and more. Outside Big Time, these sometimes-ultra-rare items can be traded, rented, or sold to other players.

“Big Time won’t be an NFT generator with a modest game attached – we are developing an engaging game first that also has the ability to give players ultimate control over their experience and virtual property,” said Ari Meilich, CEO at Big Time Studios. “Our team of developers has loads of experience with creating great games that capture what’s unique to this medium.”

The new trailer’s release commemorates today’s availability of the VIP Early Access Pass, which is part of the Big Time Founder’s NFT sale. In addition to the VIP pass, the sale offers original artwork from Big Time, including limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items, animated shorts, and concept art. Players can participate in the Founder’s NFT sale here:

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