One call puts human lives in your hands. 911 Operator Interactive Movie announced.

Iron Wolf Studio S.A. in collaboration with Games Operators S.A. are proud to announce 911 Operator Interactive Movie, an interactive film based on the 911 Operator video game licence. Shape the story and its outcome as one emergency call commences a race against time. Each of the player’s actions may cost or save many lives.

911 Operator Interactive Movie is a feature-length film, which blurs the lines between the terms “viewer” and “player”. Iron Wolf Studio’s latest production is headed to Steam and will be an exciting thriller told from the perspective of an emergency service operator. The protagonist, portrayed by Philip Lenkovsky (“Amadeus”, “Stardust Memories”), starts his most unlucky shift. Answering one call begins a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with emergency services. Whoever planned the upcoming terrorist attack will stop at nothing.

“This is the next interactive movie we’re working on. As fans of both cinema and video games, we see a great narrative potential in connecting the two mediums. The 911 Operator licence is a very important element of the game, which will allow us to expand our playerbase” – says Bartosz Pluta, CEO of Iron Wolf Studio.

As the plot unravels, players will have to make decisions which will impact the story itself and lead to one of several endings. Choices in 911 Operator Interactive Movie don’t amount only to picking dialogue lines. Thanks to the licence from Games Operators, Iron Wolf Studio implemented gameplay elements from the renowned 911 Operator into the cinematic narrative. As an emergency dispatch worker players will not only take part in thrilling conversations, which can save human lives, but will also have to deal with crisis management. The player will send quick response units into the field – each intervention can be experienced by its own recorded movie sequence. Gameplay mechanics from the beloved 911 Operator enhance the motion-picture experience and give the players a wide array of freedom in making their decisions.

911 Operator Interactive Movie will launch in 2022, primarily on PC.

911 Operator Interactive Movie key features:

  • An exciting, interactive movie thriller with Philip Lenkovsky (“Amadeus”, “Stardust Memories”),
  • Choices that matter and will lead to one of multiple endings,
  • 911 Operator gameplay mechanics implemented into the movie’s narrative,
  • Release date: 2022,
  • Platforms: PC and others in the future.
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