Paradox and C Prompt Team Up for Millennia, a 10,000-Year Journey Through Turn-Based Strategy

Game devs, listen up! Paradox Interactive and C Prompt Games are merging their epic skills to launch a new turn-based strategy game called Millennia. Aiming to redefine the 4X genre, this game lets players guide their own civilizations from the Stone Age all the way up to futuristic eras. Get hyped for an odyssey that spans—yep, you guessed it—10,000 years!

Devs That Bring the Heat

The force behind Millennia isn’t your run-of-the-mill dev squad. C Prompt Games gathers industry veterans Rob Fermier, Ian Fischer, and Brian Sousa, who’ve sharpened their strategy skills on iconic titles like Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology, Starcraft II, and Orcs Must Die. These cats know a thing or two about crafting engaging, replayable experiences.

Rewrite History or Create Your Own

In Millennia, history isn’t just for the books. You’ll get to lead your peeps through ten historical ages. But wait, there’s more. Venture into uncharted waters with Variant Ages or Crisis Ages, each throwing in its own set of curveballs like unique units, challenges, and game mechanics. Time to make your mark!

National Spirits: Be the Talk of the Ages

What’s your nation all about? Millennia lets you dial in your civilization’s vibe through National Spirits. These give your nation a specific edge, letting you play the game in a style that resonates with your strategy. Stack ’em up as you progress through the eras and you’re looking at a one-of-a-kind civilization every time you play.

Master Six Domains for World Domination

Millennia doesn’t skimp on depth. Players get to invest in six different domains: Exploration, Government, Warfare, Diplomacy, Engineering, and Arts. Your success in these areas opens up unique Domain Powers. Whether it’s claiming new territories, adopting government types, or reinforcing your armies, mastering these domains is key to ruling the game world.

The Economy Game: From Logs to Lasers

Prep your nation for whatever life—or history—throws at it. With a deep economic system, you’re not just gathering raw materials. Nah, you’re turning them into specialized products. We’re talking about refining logs into lumber and paper or smelting iron into ingots and tools. Your economic strategy is as deep as you make it!

Field Your Armies and See the Action Unfold

Military enthusiasts, this one’s for you. In Millennia, you can customize your warfare strategy down to the individual units within your armies. Once you hit the battlefield, keep tabs on the action via the Combat Viewer. This feature gives you real-time insights into how your strategic choices play out during the skirmishes.

And That’s Not All, Folks!

But wait, there’s more! Millennia is loaded with extra goodies. Think landmarks, Pyramids, space races, expeditions, plagues, diplomacy tactics, and even alien encounters. It’s like the game devs threw in everything but the kitchen sink to keep you engaged.

Mark Your Calendars: 2024 is Millennia Time

Game aficionados should circle 2024 on their calendars because that’s when Millennia is scheduled to drop. Get ready for a strategic journey that rewrites history and redefines the genre.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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