Paragon: The Overprime Drops Swamp Mystic Morigesh Into the Battleground

Hey G-LYFE Nation, ready to hear what’s hot in the MOBA universe? Netmarble, the big brains behind all kinds of gaming goodness, just rolled out a hefty update for their F2P (that’s free-to-play for you normies) Action MOBA title, Paragon: The Overprime. And let me tell ya, they’re not pulling any punches. Strap in, it’s about to get mystical.

The Legend of Morigesh Unveiled

For those who’ve been grinding in the Paragon world since the Epic Games days, you’ll recognize Morigesh as that fan-favorite caster hero. The community has been practically begging to bring her back, and Netmarble listened. The lore deepens with her storyline connecting to The Fey, another forest guardian. After The Fey bounced, Morigesh took it upon herself to protect the ailing Eupera Forest. Short story even shorter—she got a brand-new body and became the Swamp Mystic, out for some Fey-flavored revenge.

Morigesh’s Magical Arsenal

Wondering how to slay as Morigesh? Here’s a rundown of her skills:

  • Cursing Dagger: Sling a dagger and deal Physical Damage. Classic.
  • Soul Collection: Create a doll dupe of an enemy hero and deal Magical Damage. Creepy but effective.
  • Bug Bomb: AOE magic damage, with extra slow if the enemy’s under Soul Collection. Ouch!
  • Horde: Morph into bugs, increase speed, and decrease damage. Pass through enemies for extra Magical Damage and Health Regen.
  • Hex Doll: Unleash a bug swarm, causing Magical Damage to anyone with Soul Collection.

Style Up with New Skins

Fashion alert! Players can snag some slick new skins for their heroes. We’re talking Morigresh’s Hurling Curse and Muriel’s Cyber Wing. And let’s not forget Rampage’s Lyconn. Your hero never looked so good.

Gameplay Upgrades All Around

The devs are also beefing up the game beyond just heroes and skins. Tutorial enhancements are in, providing the 411 on Prime Guardian’s damage reduction and marking objectives clearly. Oh, and they’ve dropped an Auto-Purchase System that’s all about recommending items tailored to your playstyle. Need news while in-game? You got it—new News Feature in the lobby keeps you updated without having to tab out.

Closed Beta Test for PS5: A Wrap!

Good news for console warriors; the Closed Beta Test on PS5 was a hit. Over 10K players hopped in, and the feedback is helping shape the game’s future. So keep those eyes peeled for even more to come from Paragon: The Overprime.

So, there it is. Paragon: The Overprime is leveling up in all sorts of ways. Whether you’re a Morigesh main or just excited for new content, there’s something for everyone. GG, Netmarble. GG.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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