Physics-Based Zombie-Slaying Co-Op VR Game, Requisition VR, Leaving Early Access

Arcadia VR, an indie VR game development studio, has announced that Requisition VR will be leaving Early Access on Steam on May 4th, 2023! The physics-based co-op game features a unique crafting system where players can use duct tape to link any objects together to create a variety of weapons. With inspiration from Dead Rising and Walking Dead: S&S, Requisition VR offers players an immersive zombie-slaying experience.

Requisition VR is the first physics-based co-op game where players can experiment with crafting, connecting any unthinkable combinations to create a unique weapon. Players can combine a katana and a circular saw or an axe and a ball, among other combinations. The game is designed for players who love physics-based games and want to experience an immersive world where they can use their creativity to slay zombies.

The game features four modes, including Story Mode, PvP, Horde Mode, and Survival Mode, offering players an array of options to play. The game includes over 500 items to use in crafting weapons, with a mechanic of barricading the house, making traps, and bombs, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience. Players can enjoy different sets of maps and the largest map in VR, with both solo and multiplayer mode available.

During the 6-month development process after Early Access in October, Arcadia VR has made significant improvements to the game. With 15 updates released, melee combat, and gunplay were completely redesigned, while a zombie stub mechanic was implemented. The crafting system was also improved, allowing players to link items to spinning surfaces, flashlights, laser sights, and melee weapons to firearms. New enemies were added, along with Survival mode with an open-world-ish map, and three new maps in other game modes. The developer also added a mechanic for breaking locks on doors with a crowbar, drill, and firearms.

Requisition VR will be available for purchase for $29.99, offering players an immersive zombie-slaying experience with an unparalleled crafting system. With the game leaving Early Access, players can expect a more polished and complete experience, including the various modes and features that the game has to offer.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

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