Pixel Style RPG Isekai Rondo On Its Way to Google Play Store and App Store

KEMCO proudly announces the release of Isekai Rondo set to hit the Google Play Store and App Store today for $7.99 on Google Play and $4.99 on the App Store. A freemium edition with in-game ads that can be removed through in-app purchases is also made available on Google Play in selected countries.

Sho, a young man who spends his days in an exploitative company in modern Japan, is reincarnated into a parallel universe as Shaw, due to an accident! Of all things, the job given to Shaw after reincarnation is ‘Unemployed’. Furthermore, what awaits him are days of hardships at a party with bad luck. However, through the power of a strange stone monument, he acquires the high-level job of ‘Sage’! He also masters UR Passives, and suddenly becomes stronger than anyone! Although Shaw is aiming for the mellow life he’s always wanted, after meeting the Hero Viola, he starts to work to suppress the Overlord.

Everyone has always activated Passives. Shaw learns large numbers of powerful Passives, such as ‘Future Movie’ (which allows him to prepare for the enemy by looking at the future victory or defeat in his brain) or ‘Accident Insurance’ (which allows him to return to just before Game Over and change the future)!

The party members can also learn various Passives. In addition to being useful in many ways to progressing through the adventure smoothly, Passives also play a major role in battles, such as ‘Spirit Summoning’, which calls a Spirit into battle, ‘Mana Management’, with which you can gain useful effects from plants you have grown from bulbs, and ‘Monster Skill Acquire’, with which you can eat monster materials and use their skills!

By completing quests you take on from the Guild and raising your party rank, you can attempt deeper levels of the Dungeon. Raise your rank to S, and even the suppression of the Overlord is not out of your reach! There are many parties active in various places, and you can enjoy your encounters with them.

Platforms: Andriod, iOS

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