PlayerAuctions Presents Path of Exile’s Next Expansion Out In December

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Path of Exile’s latest expansion, War for the Atlas, will release December 8, 2017.

Grinding Gear Games has announced War for the Atlas, Path of Exile’s next expansion will launch on December 8 this year.

Picking up from the events of the Fall of Oriath, the world is now under a new threat: The Shaper, an Oriathian scholar-turned-god that has crafted worlds and seeks to change it according to how he sees fit.

About the story, War for the Atlas will have 32 new maps. Every map finished by the player will be a step closer to The Shaper, and their progress will be recorded in the Atlas, along with each node lighting up with every map finished. Eventually, after enough progress, players will then be able to face the Shaper himself, a fierce boss battle that even Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games producer and developer, has only beaten once.

Content-wise, the expansion includes 10 new skill gems, 50 new unique items, and the Abyss Leagues, which will grant eligible participants league-exclusive gear.

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