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After a successful run in early June, the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is back to entice players into the game at a lower price point for a limited time. The Starter Edition for PC is available now on Uplay and provides full access to the game. The competitive multiplayer (including every map), the cooperative Terrorist Hunt, and the single-player Situations are all accessible through the Starter Edition, and all the operators (including post-launch additions), all the weapons, and all the attachments are available to unlock. You’ll play on the same servers and level up at the same rate as players who own the full game.

The differences between the Starter Edition and the full-price game lie mainly with how you unlock Operators. Right from the beginning, the Starter Edition will give you two random Operators from a pool of six (Rook, Mute, Sledge, Smoke, Ash, and Fuze). You will also get a bonus of 600 R6 credits which can be used to unlock two more original operators, or can be spent on other in-game content. To unlock the remaining Operators (both original and post-launch), you can purchase and spend more R6 credits or you can spend Renown that you earn in-game (though the cost will be higher than if you owned the full-price game).

The Starter Edition is a great way to get into the intense, dynamic combat of Rainbow Six Siege. For a primer on the best way to spend your first few hours in the game and hit the ground running, watch the video embedded above. For more on how the development team is constantly working to enrich the Siege experience, check out the UbiBlog’s previous coverage below.

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