Rap Icon Lil Wayne Adds Excitement to Street Fighter 6 Launch

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated fighting game, gets a boost of star power with the release of its official launch trailer featuring rap legend Lil Wayne. The trailer captures the thrill and energy that players experience while engaging in intense battles with friends, family, and competitors worldwide. Join Lil Wayne as he takes on the streets, accompanied by vibrant visuals that pay homage to the iconic Street Fighter franchise. Watch the captivating trailer here.

Lil Wayne’s Connection to Street Fighter

Lil Wayne has a longstanding association with the Street Fighter franchise and shares his excitement about the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6:

“As a Street Fighter OG, playing since the Street Fighter II days, it feels like a full circle moment for me to collaborate with the franchise on the launch of Street Fighter 6,” expressed Lil Wayne.

Nomadic Agency Brings the Launch Trailer to Life

The Street Fighter 6 launch trailer was brought to life by Nomadic Agency, a digital creative agency led by Chief Creative Officer Tim Washburn and President Dawn Bates. The team behind the trailer includes Lucas McClain as Creative Director, Jonathan Marques as Senior Art Director, and Andrea Abbott as Senior Producer. Emma Brill serves as the Account Director, Lindsay Curtis as the Senior Copywriter, and Jaclyn Blanchette as the Project Manager.

Joyrider Takes Charge of Production

Joyrider, a renowned production company, helmed the Street Fighter 6 launch trailer. The trailer was directed by Jonathan Irwin and executive produced by Spencer Friend. Nikita Kuzmenko served as the Director of Photography, while Alex Gregory showcased his talent as the Colorist. Nigel Heath & Jamie Allen, the Sound Engineers, expertly mixed the trailer. The editing and VFX work were carried out by Jonathan Irwin, Ray Stevens, Alec Gordon, Alfie Hale, and Russell Boyd. Sherri Korhonen contributed as the Production Designer, Hunter McHugh as the Casting Director, and Jingle Punks handled the Music Mixing and Design.

The collaboration between rap icon Lil Wayne, Nomadic Agency, and Joyrider has resulted in an electrifying launch trailer for Street Fighter 6. Lil Wayne’s passion for the franchise, combined with the creative talents of the agencies involved, has successfully captured the essence of the game’s intense battles and global appeal. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Street Fighter 6, this dynamic trailer serves as a testament to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the next chapter of the legendary Street Fighter series.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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