ReadyCode’s Game-Changing Move: €400k Boost for Modding Revolution

Warsaw-based Startup Sets Sights on AA/AAA Studios, Transforming Modding into a Mainstream Phenomenon

ReadyCode: From Seed to Success

Warsaw’s own game modding startup, ReadyCode, just pocketed an impressive €400k in seed funding, with ffVC Tech & Gaming at the helm. This follows earlier backing from SpeedUp VC, laying the groundwork for ReadyCode’s initial product, particularly for Unity support. Now, with their eyes on the AA and AAA game studio prize, ReadyCode is poised to make a significant splash in the gaming industry.

Modding: Community Craftsmanship Goes Big

Modding, the art of crafting game content like maps, skins, and quests by players known as modders, is no small potatoes in gaming culture. It’s not just about tweaking; it’s about reimagining games. ReadyCode’s tech simplifies this, making modding more accessible for players and developers alike. They’re not just integrating with engines like Unity and Unreal; they’re connecting with major mod hosting platforms like Steam Workshop,, and Curseforge.

Major Moves in Modding

The modding landscape is buzzing with activity. Epic Games dropped the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, shaping a broader Fortnite universe. Unity isn’t far behind with its UGC hosting service. Overwolf, a co-investor in ReadyCode, is bringing monetizable mods to big names like The Sims 4 and Ark. With platforms like and Nexus Mods emerging, modding’s never been hotter. ReadyCode zeroes in on the biggest modding hurdle – the creation tools themselves.

Modding: A Revenue Powerhouse

Game modding’s not just for fun; it’s a financial force. Roblox raked in $2.2B in 2022, while Minecraft boasts 600M+ active players. Overwolf pulled in $13.9M in revenue in 2023, rewarding creators handsomely. It’s clear: modding’s not just a side gig anymore.

Raising the Bar for UGC in Gaming

Gamers are clamoring for top-tier modding tools, and ReadyCode’s answering the call. Their dream? Modding tools baked right into games. For studios, big and small, ReadyCode’s platform is a beacon of hope, simplifying modding support integration, a traditionally arduous task.

Modding: From Hackers to Headliners

Modding has evolved from hacker hobby to headline hero. Classics like Counter-Strike and Dota started as mods. Studios are now embracing modding, seeing its value in extending game lifespans and spurring organic marketing.

Looking Ahead: The Modding Metamorphosis

The modding scene’s future is glowing, with indie and AAA developers alike recognizing its impact on sales and brand longevity. ReadyCode’s mission? To streamline modding support, a notorious industry challenge.

The Rise of the Mod Creator Economy

Modding’s not just a pastime; it’s a professional stepping stone. Some modders earn up to $30k annually from platforms like Roblox. Julius Kopczewski, ReadyCode’s CTO, envisions a future where the game mod creator economy rivals, or even surpasses, the video creator economy.

Conclusion ReadyCode’s latest funding round marks a pivotal moment in game modding. Their technology and vision could revolutionize how we view and engage with games, bridging the gap between playing and creating. Stay tuned as they reshape the gaming landscape, one mod at a time.

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