Reclaiming Earth: Core Engage Unveils New Cycle, A Post-Apocalyptic City-Builder

Launching into Early Access, New Cycle Promises a Fresh Take on Survival Gaming

A New Dawn in Gaming

January 2024 marks a major leap for Core Engage, as it rolls out its debut title, New Cycle. This isn’t your typical city-builder – we’re talking about a survival game set on an Earth that’s seen better days, thanks to some nasty solar flares.

Back to Basics

In New Cycle, it’s all about starting from scratch. Players lead a band of survivors, building from the ground up in a world where civilization’s taken a few steps back. Every day is a challenge, but it’s also a chance to rewrite humanity’s fate.

Survival of the Fittest

This game isn’t just about building – it’s about surviving. With only the bare necessities, players will have to navigate through trials like dwindling morale, diseases, and resource shortages. It’s a test of leadership and strategy in a world where nothing’s a given.

Innovating the Genre

Core Engage isn’t just playing it safe. They’re throwing in some cool twists to the survival city-builder genre. Think climate crises and a dieselpunk vibe. Early Access players get to dive into campaign and sandbox modes, explore different biomes, and tinker with a whole load of buildings and resources.

Community at the Core

The devs are keeping their ears to the ground, taking player feedback seriously as they refine New Cycle. For those ready to take on the challenge, the game’s up for wishlisting on Steam.

Gear up, gamers! New Cycle isn’t just a game; it’s a journey into a future that’s hanging by a thread. It’s about rebuilding, surviving, and maybe, just maybe, reclaiming the Earth. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach its Early Access launch! ????????

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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