Time Walker: Dark World Unleashes Epic Battles on Steam!

Epic Roguelike Auto-Battler Now Available for Hardcore Gamers

Epic Launch: Time Walker: Dark World Hits Steam!

Heads up, gamers! After a 14-month hype build-up in Early Access, Time Walker: Dark World has officially dropped on Steam. Big shoutout to indie dev squad Heartfun and publisher 2P Games for delivering this roguelike auto-battler gem. Gear up to control four time walkers, as you dive into a showdown with the Dark Lord and his crew, armed with a whopping arsenal of over 40 skills. And guess what? No class limits here – go wild!

Crossover Alert: Time Walker Meets Looper Tactics

Hold up, there’s more! “Time Walker” is teaming up with “Looper Tactics” for a crossover that’s straight fire. “Time Walker” adds a fresh hero from “Looper Tactics,” while “Looper Tactics” is throwing in a side quest about “Time Walker.” Plus, they’re sprinkling in some treasures inspired by “Time Walker” skills. It’s a collab that’s got gamers buzzing!

Gameplay Breakdown: Choose Your Fighter!

This ain’t your average battler. “Time Walker: Dark Lord” rocks a pixel art style and throws you into the heat of battle with four heroes of your choosing. Mix and match styles like a magic-slinging boxer or a barbarian archer – the sky’s the limit. Each battle is a chance to loot and level up, transforming your squad into an unstoppable force. And with an elective difficulty system, you choose how tough you want the fight to be. Ready to dominate?

Build Your Squad, Conquer the Darkness

Here’s the deal:

  • Assemble a squad of four champs, each with a unique skill set of over 40 abilities.
  • Mix, match, and experiment – no class restrictions here!
  • Plan and strategize your resources to outmaneuver the Dark Lord’s minions.
  • Loot your victories, upgrade your talents, and ramp up your power level.
  • Choose your difficulty and tailor your gaming experience.

Time Walker: Dark World isn’t just a game, it’s an adventure that puts you in the driver’s seat. So, what are you waiting for? Get in there and show the Dark Lord who’s boss. Game on! ????????

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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