Rift 10 Year Anniversary Celebrated With Month Long Event

Gamigo is excited to announce a month-long 10th-anniversary event of the online RPG Rift. The party starts with the annual Carnival of the Ascended for 2021 which will be running from now through April 22nd. There is fun to be had for all and a few surprises along the way.

Players will be able to celebrate a decade of memories with the Tenth Anniversary Cape and the special Tenth Anniversary Cake that provides a sweet raid buff. For those with a mischievous side, the Fancy Celebration Cake can be placed for all to sample with a fancy twist for doing so: Everyone will turn into Carnival Unicorns and be able to unlock the Carnival Rush achievement for an exclusive vanity unlock.

The event will have three distinct phases that start on the following dates:

  • Phase 1: Thursday 25th of March
  • Phase 2: Thursday 15th of April at 15:30:00 local server time
  • Phase 3: Thursday 22nd of April at 15:30:00 local server time
  • End of the event: Thursday 29th of April at 15:30:00 local server time

New Artifact Sets

Added three new Artifact sets. Collecting each one will be rewarded a Celebration Chest containing, among other items, 4 Auroral Doubloons!

Our Overlord
Completing a 4-hour Carnival Minion Mission has a 50% chance to drop a Celebration Bag for Overlords that will grant a random artifact of this set.

Hero Generation

Among the rewards for killing one of the Carnival IA bosses, players will receive a Celebration Bag for Adventurers that will grant a random artifact of this set.

Pinata Candy
Hunt Pinatas across Telara for a 50% chance to drop a Celebration Bag for Pinata Hunters that will grant a random artifact of this set.

Collect and complete all the three new artifact sets to earn the True Veteran achievement, which will give the “Elder” prefix title and 100 platinum.

New Minion

Uncover the story of the old Ascended Trillian Lockwert by acquiring its Minion Card

Upon collecting it, a chain of 11 Minion Missions will be unlocked. Complete them all to acquire 5 new Minions, 4 collectible journal entries with Trillians story, and some additional Carnival of the Ascended currency!

Get the full group to level 25 to unlock the “Long-lived” suffix Title through an achievement.

Updated loot tables

The Pinata Prize Bags obtained in Carnival IAs can now drop some of the pets added during the Carnival of the Ascended in 2020!

New Items     

Support your faction! Obtain one of the Guardian Valmeras or the Defiant Warhorses with Auroral Doubloons or Credits to show your support and unlock an exclusive title through an achievement.

Complement your faction looks with the Ascended Guardian or Defiant Wings. Or be a proud Telaran with the Tenth Anniversary Cape.

The new Tenth Anniversary Cake will grant you a raid consumable granting 100 Endurance and it was modeled after the real Rift Release Cake that the studio made 10 years ago for the launch! Also available as a Dimensional item to sweeten your home.

Ever wanted to trick others to be Unicorns and join your cavalry? The Fancy Celebration Cake can be placed for everyone to turn into Carnival Unicorns and ride along with you and will grant a special achievement with a vanity unlock: the Celebration Ruff!


Store – Fixed an issue with older Carnival Dimensional items not appearing unless all class types were selected.

Dimension – Floating Platform Device no longer duplicates itself visually when rotating the item in a dimension.

Mystic Archer – Legendary Ride the Wind now reduces the cast time of Summoning Quiver as expected.

Oracle – Prevented an exploit where Legendary Insignia of Blood could be triggered with non-damaging abilities.

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