Savant – Ascent REMIX Drops, D-Pad Studio Levels Up the Game

Hold up, gamers! The minds behind the fan-fave Owlboy are back at it again. D-Pad Studio rolls out Savant – Ascent REMIX on PC, now live on Steam for $9.99. Aaand, get this: a sweet 15% launch discount is tagging along. Console and mobile peeps, chill; PlayStation, Switch, iOS, and Android versions are in the pipeline.

Old School Fans Score Big Time

As a shoutout to the OGs, if you’ve got the original Savant – Ascent in your Steam library, D-Pad’s giftin’ you the REMIX for nada. Yep, you heard that right, zero bucks! It’s their way of poppin’ champagne for the game’s 10-year run.

More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Initially envisioned as a remaster, D-Pad went all out and hit us with a full-on sequel. This isn’t your grandpa’s shoot-em-up; we’re talkin’ FIVE new stages, each with a killer twist. Battle it out against Laser Sharks and robot invaders, or go mano-a-mano with an immortal Samurai. Gear up with new moves like double jumps, cancel-jumps, and mid-air power shots.

Hardcore Mode, ‘Cause Why Not?

Feel like rollin’ old-school? Unlock the NES-style Hardcore Mode—no checkpoints, pure skill. And for the eardrums, 36 fresh tracks from the Norwegian maestro, Savant, are blastin’ through the game. Even better? You can cop the full soundtrack on Steam.

The Alchemist’s Climb

In-game, you’re the Alchemist, booted off his high tower by some unknown foe. Ascend the treacherous path back up using rapid magic missile volleys and some slick platforming. You’ve got two platforms to work with—could be floating elevators, could be space junk. Just make sure you survive to tell the tale.

Sounds Like a Remix

Savant – Ascent REMIX isn’t just eye-candy; it’s an aural feast. Simon S. Andersen, the creative genius of D-Pad Studio, collaborated with Savant for the ultimate genre-bending soundtrack. Customize your playlist as you play, ’cause, let’s face it, you’re the DJ of your own gaming session.

A Word from the Big Wigs

Jo-Remi Madsen of D-Pad Studio piped up about the game’s PC release. According to the man himself, Savant – Ascent REMIX is the studio’s genesis, leading them to Owlboy and other mad projects. He ends with a teaser—more deets on console and mobile editions are coming soon.

And there you have it, the 411 on Savant – Ascent REMIX. Keep those eyes peeled for the console and mobile updates, ’cause this game’s just getting started.

Platforms: PlayStation 5,Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

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