Shai & Mystic Character Classes Now Available in Black Desert

Pearl Abyss today released a free update to Black Desert on PlayStation 4, introducing two new character classes, Shai and Mystic. The content also features Dark Rifts placed within the in-game world, which challenge players to defeat powerful bosses.

Watch Shai and Mystic in action within the official trailers: Shai trailer & Mystic trailer:

Hailing from the forests near Florin, Shai is the first support class featured in Black Desert on PlayStation 4. Shai utilizes new combat abilities and skill-buffs that are focused on avoiding danger and aiding her allies. On the other hand, Mystic is a powerful brawler, pummeling opponents with a variety of devastating martial-arts skills that strike fear into her foes.

See below for more details on Shai and Mystic’s skills, along with information on the new Dark Rifts.

Black Desert

Shai Skills

  • One-Two-Three – Shai’s basic attack using the Florang, which can be thrown up to three times.
  • Eat This! – Shai recklessly throws her Florang at her enemies. This skill has the longest range of all the Florang skills.
  • Come Out, Come Out – Shai reveals hidden enemies around her by waving around her Vitclari.
  • Over Here! – Shai creates a shielded area that protects her allies.
  • Play Dead – Shai falls to the floor, tricking enemies into believing that she is no longer a threat. Monsters can see through this ruse, but players on the other hand…

Mystic Skills

  • Wolf’s Frenzy – The Mystic hides in the shadows to unleash a barrage of hits against her enemies.
  • Rage Hammer – Unleashes her inner power into a massive attack onto the ground, knocking down foes.
  • Soul Basher – The Mystic performs a flurry of kicks that deals damage to her enemies.

Dark Rift

  • After completing ‘Journey to Mediah’ quests, it will allow your character and all subsequent characters to see Dark Rifts on the map, which have a chance of appearing each day.
  • Dark Rifts can appear randomly, and spawn a powerful boss once Adventurers interact with them. The strength of the boss will adjust according to the area in which the Dark Rift spawns.
  • Defeating bosses spawned from Dark Rifts provide brave Adventurers with a variety of rewards and loot!
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