Shamanistic Tactical RPG “The Way of Wrath” Kickstarter is Live!

Independent developer Animmal today announced the start of the Kickstarter campaign for the story-driven, open-world tactical RPG, The Way of Wrath. With a crowdfunding goal of €23,000 and a number of exciting stretch goals, the team plans to bring the game to Steam Early Access later in 2021. Visit The Way of Wrath’s Kickstarter campaign now and support the game by backing the project in exchange for exclusive rewards:

“Over the last three years we’ve laid a solid foundation for The Way of Wrath to become an exceptional RPG and now we’re seeking help from the roleplaying community to bring the epic story of the Thein people to life,” said Dato Kiknavelidze, Co-Founder of Animmal. “In order to honor the creativity and dedication of hardcore RPG players, we’ve prepared tons of community events where we’ll involve our backers in designing various in-game elements and give out amazing prizes along the way!”

The Way of Wrath is a narrative-driven tactical RPG featuring turn-based, dynamic combat and a non-linear world where your decisions matter. Set in a pseudo-historic Bronze Age, the meticulously handcrafted wintry landscapes of The Way of Wrath seethes with shamans, curses, and dark rituals. You are on a quest to unite a war-torn army of nomads and to prepare for an impending enemy onslaught. Unrelenting environmental hazards, scarce supplies, and vicious enemies are only a few of the adversities you will encounter on this harrowing journey. Forge your destiny as a tyrant, trickster, or noble leader but remember, with every action there are consequences.

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