SMITE Season of Worlds: New Map, Esports Focus, and a Splash of Color

Dive into the Latest SMITE Update with Esports Flair and Legendary Skins

Epic Esports Energy: Season of Worlds Hits SMITE

SMITE’s Year 10 is closing with a bang in the form of the Season of Worlds, its latest major update. It’s a triple treat featuring a new Conquest Map, an esports-themed Battle Pass, and a colorful event, all leading up to the grand SMITE World Championship (SWC) in January 2024.

Conquest Map: A Nod to Esports

In the competitive realm of Conquest, SMITE introduces its fourth map of the year, each representing a different season. This latest battleground is adorned with SWC logos, war banners, and statues commemorating last year’s top teams. The centerpiece is the SWC trophy – Thor’s hammer Mjolnir – set against a backdrop of breathtaking art. With minimal structural changes but notable balance tweaks, this map sets the stage for the upcoming SWC showdown in Arlington, Texas.

Battle Pass Extravaganza: World Champions x Monstercat

The Battle Pass: World Champions stands out with its unique rewards and tribute to esports. It features nine skins, including a special Camelot’s King Maui skin and eight others based on esports teams. With the inclusion of Esports Chests, players can choose their preferred skins without relying on chance. The cherry on top? A Monstercat Music Theme, featuring electronic hits, adding an energetic soundtrack to the gaming experience.

Colorforge Event: Worlds Collide with Coolseidon Poseidon

Remember Poolseidon Poseidon? This legendary skin from a decade ago is making a comeback in a new avatar – Coolseidon Poseidon – as part of the Colorforge: Worlds Collide event. Alongside, two new skins and eight new dyes represent each esports team, adding a personalized touch to the game.

Get Ready to Game On

The Season of Worlds in SMITE isn’t just an update; it’s a celebration of esports and gaming culture. With a new map, unique skins, and a fusion of music and color, it’s time to dive into the battleground and show some team spirit!

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Mac operating systems

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