Spellslinger’s Saloon: The New Frontier in Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds

Magic, Minions, and Mayhem Await in Season 6 Starting December 5

New Spells Mechanic Hits Bob’s Tavern

Buckle up, gamers! Bob’s Tavern in Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds is leveling up with over 40 new spells. This game-changer means you can stash spells for use during the Recruiting phase. Keep an eye on those unique card frames displaying Cost and Tavern Tier. Each refresh brings a new spell, but remember, once played, they’re gone for good!

Three Western Outlaws Join the Fray

The tavern’s about to get rowdier with Snake Eyes, Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher, and Doctor Holli’dae. Each hero packs a unique punch, from rolling dice for gold to dishing out zero-cost spells. Keep your eyes peeled for these new wild cards.

32 Fresh Minions to Rally

The minion pool just got richer with 32 new faces, including the Undead and Quillboar. These new recruits are all about that Deathrattle/Reborn action and spell discarding for bonus effects.

Western Bling in the Shop

Yeehaw! Western-themed cosmetics are hitting the shop. Grab your Kingpin Denathrius skin or others in the Battle Pass Bundle or Battlegrounds shop.

What’s Brewing in Spellslinger’s Saloon

It’s magic galore in the upcoming Season 6. Spells in the Tavern now come in different costs and tiers. Strategize and sling spells to dominate the battlegrounds. With 42 new spells and synergy-packed minions, the game’s never been more spellbinding!

Reveal Rodeo: Heroes, Minions, and Spells

The reveals have kicked off, showcasing new heroes, minions, and spells leading up to Patch 28.2. Don’t miss out on the streamers unveiling these game-changers!

Battlegrounds Preview Event: Streamer Showdown

Before the patch drops, join top players on December 4 for an exclusive preview stream event. They’ll be showcasing all the new content and giving away Season Passes. Tune in and get a first look at what’s coming!

Season 6: Start Your Engines

On December 5, say goodbye to Season 5 and hello to Season 6. Jump into the new Battlegrounds Track for a treasure trove of western cosmetics and more. Don’t forget to claim your Season 5 rewards!

Gear up, Hearthstone fans! The Spellslinger’s Saloon is about to open its doors. Get ready to duel with spells, outmaneuver with new minions, and deck out your heroes in wild west style. Season 6 is the next big thing in Battlegrounds, and it’s coming in hot!

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS

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