Epic Showdown: KOF ALLSTAR x Street Fighter 6 Crossover Event Unleashed

Legendary Warriors Enter the Ring

In a move that’s got the gaming community buzzing, Netmarble, a titan in the mobile gaming domain, has dropped a bombshell. They’re fusing the worlds of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR (KOF ALLSTAR) and Street Fighter 6 in a crossover event that’s nothing short of epic. Fans, brace yourselves – the legends are about to clash!

New Challengers on the Block

The first wave of Street Fighter icons making their debut in the KOF universe includes none other than Guile, Jamie, and Juri Han. Each of these warriors brings their unique flavor to the mix, reshaping the battle dynamics in KOF ALLSTAR.

Guile: The Yellow Element Powerhouse

Guile steps into the fray as a Yellow element, defense-focused brawler. His leader skill isn’t just about boosting ATK for all fighters; it’s a game-changer, ramping up ATK after knocking out enemies. His signature move? A Special Skill that inflicts Bleed damage, making him a force to reckon with.

Jamie: Purple Element, Pure Offense

Jamie enters the arena with a Purple element and an attack-centric style. His leadership is all about empowering Purple element fighters. But it’s his Special Skill that’s the real MVP – decreasing skill cooldowns and pumping up ATK speed under specific conditions.

Juri Han: The Balanced Assassin

Juri Han, the Purple element balance-type fighter, mirrors Jamie’s leader skill, favoring Purple element fighters. Her Special Skill is a tactical nuke – lowering the enemy’s DEF and boosting damage with her Active Skill.

Special Events: A Gamer’s Delight

The crossover isn’t just about new characters; it’s an entire festival of events that will resonate with Street Fighter aficionados.

Collab Boss Showdown: Guile’s Challenge

Players get to go toe-to-toe with Guile himself. Overcoming this challenge unlocks a treasure trove of rewards, including exclusive Street Fighter-themed items.

Smash the Car: Relive the Classic

In a nostalgic nod to Street Fighter’s iconic mini-game, players get to demolish a car within a set time limit. Choose your difficulty and wreck away!

Collab Dream Match: The Ultimate 3v3

It’s a real-time 3v3 extravaganza featuring an array of Collab Fighters. Get ready for a battle that’s set to be etched in mobile gaming history.

This crossover event is a dream come true for fans of both franchises. It’s not just a collaboration; it’s a celebration of two iconic worlds colliding in the mobile gaming universe. So, gamers, are you ready to dive into this historic mash-up? Let the battles begin!

Platforms: Android, iOS

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