Splashdown Showdown: Hanako Hits Blue Archive

Dive into summer vibes with new recruits and tripled rewards!

Diving into the Waves of Kivotos

Blue Archive, the tactical RPG that’s stolen the hearts of gamers worldwide, just got a summer upgrade. Joining the eclectic cast of characters is the new student, Hanako (Swimsuit), making a splash with her debut alongside the return of the powerhouse Striker, Wakamo. It’s not just about new faces; it’s also about ramping up the rewards with the game’s Triple Rewards Campaign, making it the perfect time for both newcomers and veterans to dive back in.

Meet the Summer Sensation: Hanako (Swimsuit)

Hanako isn’t just any student; she’s bringing the heat of summer to the battlefield with her Sonic-type skills. Decked out in her swimsuit, this Trinity General School Striker is ready to make waves. With the ability to charge up to two Water Gauges, Hanako boosts her attack damage significantly, especially when an ally unleashes an EX Skill. Got at least one Water Gauge charged? She’s all set to deploy her EX Skill for a tidal wave of damage.

The Return of Chaos: Wakamo Strikes Back

Wakamo, the “Fox of Calamity,” is back and ready to cause more mayhem. As a Mystic-type Striker and one of the notorious Seven Prisoners, her presence spells trouble for the enemies of Kivotos. Her unique EX Skill turns the tide of battle by accumulating damage dealt by allies and unleashing it as a devastating Mystic attack.

New Faces, New Challenges

But that’s not all! Mika and Hoshino (Swimsuit) also join the fray, bringing their unique skills to the table through Fest Recruitment. With these new additions, the game’s narrative and strategic depth expand, offering fresh tactics and team compositions for players to explore.

Triple the Fun with Triple Rewards Campaign

To celebrate these explosive new arrivals, Blue Archive is tripling the rewards for Lesson and Scrimmages content, making it an ideal time to power up your team. Additionally, account experience gains are doubled for a limited time, ensuring that every player, whether they’re just starting or returning, gets a significant boost.

Seize the Opportunity

The Triple Rewards Campaign is in full swing until Monday, Feb. 19, with doubled experience points up for grabs until Saturday, Feb. 17. Whether you’re gearing up for strategic battles or just here for the charming chaos of Kivotos, now’s the time to jump in and experience everything Blue Archive has to offer.


With Hanako (Swimsuit) and Wakamo leading the charge, Blue Archive’s summer event promises thrilling battles, strategic depth, and, of course, plenty of rewards. Don’t miss out on this seasonal spectacle that’s set to make a lasting impact on the academy city of Kivotos. Grab your gear, summon your students, and make this summer one to remember in Blue Archive.

Blue Archive’s Hot New Update: Summer Story & Characters!

Platforms: iOS, Android

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