Oakheart’s Nightmare: An ’80s Horror Reborn

Step into the Slasher Era with Terror at Oakheart This February

Back to the Horror Basics

Developer Tainted Pact, in collaboration with Assemble Entertainment, is set to send shivers down your spine with the release of Terror at Oakheart on February 27th, 2024. Available on PC via Steam, this game is a callback to the slasher heydays of the ’80s and ’90s, promising a blend of horror, mystery, and suspense in the eerie town of Oakheart.

Meet the Menace of Oakheart

The game introduces gamers to a chilling narrative where the small town is haunted by Teddy, a killer with a mask and a mystery. Players will navigate through the dark corners of Oakheart, piecing together the puzzle of Teddy’s origins and the town’s dark secrets. The stakes are high, and with every step, the body count rises. Are you ready to face the terror head-on?

A Cast Doomed to Darkness

Terror at Oakheart stands out with its diverse roster of characters — Eric, Ethan, Rose, Tyler, and more — each with their fate hanging by a thread. The twist? Teddy’s murderous spree is influenced by a Lovecraftian entity, weaving a complex tale of horror that challenges players to survive the unimaginable.

Explore, Investigate, Survive

The journey through Oakheart is no simple stroll in the park. From Teddy’s ominous residence to the depths of the local police station, players will explore various locations fraught with danger and discovery. The game challenges you to explore, investigate, and ultimately, survive the horrors that await.

Key Features to Anticipate

  • A Nostalgic Nightmare: Navigate the hauntingly familiar scenes inspired by classic horror films.
  • Uncover the Unspeakable: Delve into the mysteries surrounding Teddy and the eldritch forces at play.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Choose your character wisely and watch their story unfold in a town where survival is anything but guaranteed.

Mark Your Calendars

February 27th, 2024, marks the day Terror at Oakheart opens its gates to those brave enough to enter. For those eager to get a head start, the first chapter is available for a sneak peek on Steam, where you can also wishlist the game to stay updated on its release.

Dive into the heart of ’80s-inspired horror with Terror at Oakheart. Can you uncover the truth behind Teddy and escape Oakheart unscathed? The clock is ticking, and every moment brings you closer to the terror that waits in the shadows.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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