HypeTrain Digital is proud to announce the first major update to Ink Stains Games’ Steam best selling RPG Stoneshard, Trollslayer (having sold over 200k copies in its first month of release). This update brings an incredible new boss, the Troll, to put players to the test, but that’s only a small piece of all there is to enjoy in this massive update. To celebrate the release of this milestone addition, players will be able to pick up the game 20% off through Steam’s Midweek Madness sale, running April 14-17th.

While the addition of the Troll boss is one high point of the update, Trollslayer piles on the upgrades featuring:

  • A New Dungeon Type, Catacombs. Crumbling monasteries, abandoned churches, and vampiric cults can now be found through the land. Get slaying, and enjoy enhancements to dungeon generation to make all dungeons richer and more complex.
  • 2 New Skill Trees: Warfare and Athletics. Customize your character and control the battlefield in new and exciting ways.
  • 3 New Points of Interest, 30 New Weapons, Equipment, and Valuable Items. Time to get exploring with more to discover and win than ever before.
  • Gain Powerful Blessings at Roadside Altars. Take advantage of a fully-featured worship system to gain blessings at randomly generated roadside prayer altars.
  • Get Dirty and Go Grave Robbing. Sure, it might cost you a bit of your sanity, but taking a pit stop at a nearby cemetery can yield valuable rewards.
  • New Plants and Animals. The world has never felt more alive thanks to brand new flora and fauna. Saigas and Bison roam the fields and fresh foliage is ripe to spice up your cooking.
  • Expanded and Improved Dialogue. Dig deeper into the world and its inhabitants with expanded dialogue sequences in Mannshire and Osbrook.
  • Fast Travel. Don’t want to travel by foot? Enjoy new fast travel between Mannshire and Osbrook using Verren’s carriage.
  • Bugs, we squish them. Numerous Bug Fixes and Balance Change


Stoneshard puts you in the shoes of a medieval mercenary in a dark and dangerous fantasy open-world. Craft your dream character with more than 100 abilities and 200 pieces of equipment. Take on contracts, fight dangerous monsters, and reap rewards, balancing the moving parts of a deep character development system that demands you manage your physical and mental health. In Stoneshard, there is no reward without risk, and you’ll risk it all with this unique blend of tactical, turn-based RPG and roguelike.

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