Sulake Unveils New Profile Picture NFT Collection Habbo Portraits

Habbo fans will be able to mint the new NFTs as long as they own an NFT from the Habbo Avatars collection

Sulake, part of the leading pan-European digital entertainment and media platform Azerion, announced today that owners of their Habbo Avatars will be able to mint one new profile picture NFT per Habbo Avatar they own in a new collection called Habbo Portraits. Habbo Avatars is a collection consisting of 11,600 NFTs Sulake launched in September, which sold out in 26 hours. This opportunity for new NFTs comes only at the cost of minting the NFT (the process of turning digital assets into a part of the Ethereum blockchain) but otherwise, these assets are free; Sulake is providing this service to thank people for taking part in the Habbo Avatars sale and will receive no direct monetary compensation. Additionally, avatar owners can download a profile picture of their own avatar for free, which is not an NFT.

Habbo Avatars NFT owners who want to get their hands on a Habbo Portrait will have to connect their MetaMask wallet to the website to verify that they do indeed own a Habbo Avatar NFT, and that no one has already minted a Habbo Portraits NFT using that Avatar. This profile picture NFT will then function as a completely separate asset from Habbo Avatars, from which it originated.

Sulake has revealed some of the portraits themselves and how they will look in the brand new OpenSea collection.

Sulake has entered into partnership with Offsetra who measure the carbon emissions from the NFT minting transactions and then offset these emissions through a variety of ecological initiatives and programs, such as Bull Run Forest Carbon and Agrocortex REDD Project.

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