Summoners War World 100 Invitational Begins!

Summoners War World 100 Invitational Event Starts Tomorrow @ 8 PM PDT.

Prior to the upcoming launch of Summoners War: Lost Centuria on April 29th 2021, Com2uS will host and stream the “World 100 Invitational” online tournament tomorrow, April 23rd at 8 pm PDT, bringing together 100 Influencers from Asia, North America, Europe and Australia to compete in the upcoming game’s thrilling PvP matches to outwit and outsmart a myriad of monsters and other foes for $150,000 in cash prizes.

Hosted by dGon, GAMEVIL Com2uS’ Assistant Producer Marcus Ortiz and Content Producer Evan Wright, the tournament’s participants will include actor Charles Melton, Super Junior singer Eun-hyuk, comedian Jinho Lee and popular gaming streamers, shofu, Voyboy, and KingGeorge among others. Contestants will all start with 200 Summon cards, which they will have to play strategically as they compete in head-to-head battles over three rounds.

Participating talent will stream to their own channels and the event will be broadcasted on Com2uS’ official Twitch and YouTube channels. Notably, 75 million subscribers worldwide can tune in to watch as their favorite participating streamers face-off in the upcoming title.

Event Details:

What: GAMEVIL and Com2uS host a “World 100 Invitational Event” to celebrate the launch of Summoners War: Lost Centuria, where top celeb talent and influencers from 20 countries compete for a cash prize pool of $150,000

Who: Celebrities Charles Melton, Eun-hyuk, Jinho Lee, and top global streamers, including Shofu, The World of Dave, Kruzadar, Nikolarn, and more

When: Friday, April 23rd, 8 PM PDT – Saturday, April 24 3AM PDT

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