Supercolony INC, “CATOPIA” is set to begin its soft launch!

Rescue Cats Captured by Forces of Evil and Help Reconstruct Cat Village, Catopia!


“CATOPIA” Introduction

Supercolony Inc is a mobile game development and publishing company.

Catopia is an upcoming action RPG showcasing cute and colorful combat with appealing visuals developed by Supercolony, Inc., a mobile game developer, and publisher located in Southern California. In Catopia, a player can take 5 cats to defeat enemies in different chapters and stages. Each stage in all chapters are unique as the monsters and the layout in stages are randomly generated. Players will have to advance through multiple stages and chapters. Powerful monster bosses are present at the end of each stage, and players will need to overcome different challenges to unlock the next.

What makes Catopia stand out is its unique controls. You control your main character’s movement and decide when to deploy your follower cats to attack. You can move or shoot but cannot take both actions at the same time. There’s a cat paw icon for moving around and the second you let go of it, the action begins. Each cat characters have unique attacks and abilities.

When you clear each chapter, you will receive gold and other unique rewards that you can spend on upgrading your cats (permanent improvements) or unlocking new characters. You can also start rebuilding Catopia village to gain materials passively in an idle state when you are not playing the game.

It requires a device running Android 4.4/iOS 10 or newer, 2GB of RAM, and a minimum of 500 MB of storage.

Catopia will be available in selected countries during its soft-launch period in September 2020.

Catopia is an action RPG with cute but deadly action-packed catfights!

Fight hundreds of enemies with simple one-button controls through action-packed RPG! You are the prince of Catopia and must rescue the villagers from the Dark Lord and restore peace to the kingdom. Assemble your cat team against great forces of evil.

Game Features:

★ SUPER SIMPLE & FUN CONTROLS Move and attack with your cats with simple controls! Unleash powerful attacks at the edge of your fingertips. Control your leader cat and choose when to deploy your follower cats into battle.

★ DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES Face Hundreds of monsters and powerful bosses in various dungeons! Experience dozens of satisfying special attacks and demolish waves of enemies.

★ CREATE THE PERFECT TEAM Unlock unique cat heroes and create your ultimate team! Conquer your enemies using the perfect combination of cats and creative strategies.

★ UPGRADE AND POWER UP Level up your cats to their full potential! Increase your Cat Power to gain unimaginable power.

★ BUILD YOUR VILLAGE – IDLE SYSTEM Let your village buildings gather materials while you’re away! Use the materials to make your cat team stronger without all the grinding.

Game Features




Let’s Play “CATOPIA”

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Address: 34 Executive Park STE 270, Irvine, CA, 92614





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