Survival Shooter Dysterra Free Weekend Details

Play the Korean survival shooter for free this weekend as Dysterra gears up for an action-packed Season 2.

Dysterra will be free for everyone to play on Steam this weekend, developer Reality MagiQ has announced. During this time, the game will also be on sale with a special 30% offer available. The studio has also shared an early preview of what’s coming in Dysterra Season 2.

From February 2nd to February 6th, players can try the full game for free, whether in solo play, co-op, or PvP. Here are the official times for the Steam free weekend and sale event:

Free Weekend

  • PST : 2 Feb 10:00 – 6 Feb 10:00
  • UCT: 2 Feb 18:00 – 6 Feb 18:00

30% Special offer

  • PST : 2 Feb 10:00 – 9 Feb 10:00
  • UCT: 2 Feb 18:00 – 9 Feb 18:00

Last month Reality MagiQ shared their 2023 Dysterra roadmap with fans, revealing that new content will be coming each month. Alongside new weapons, vehicles, and housing features, Dysterra will introduce two new underground areas for survivors to explore in Season 2.

The Bunker

The bunker is a free-for-all space where survivors will face off in tense skirmishes to loot new resources.

The Hyena Den

The Hyena Den is a new private instance dungeon where players won’t encounter other survivors. Here you’ll be free to gather resources and improve your gear without threats from other players, though there are still enemy NPCs to watch out for.

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