Survive the Nightmare of The Beast Inside on PlayStation and Xbox

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One of the highest-rated horror games on PC is available on current and previous-generation consoles. The Beast Inside is a thrilling story about survival told by two different characters in separate timelines. Discover the dark past of Blackstone Manor and try to keep hold of your gamepad despite the fear.

Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, will soon learn that the Blackstone residence’s horrific past is more chilling than the dangers of the Cold War. A diary he finds holds secrets described by the manor’s former resident, Nicolas, who, in the 19th century, experienced the nightmare himself. As the player, you will play the part of both characters in their respective timelines and try to unravel the somber mystery in the abandoned house in the desolate, North American wilderness. The solution might be the key to peace in the Cold War, but your own survival also depends on it.

A convoluted intrigue told from two perspectives will make even the greatest horror fans feel a chilling breath on their neck as they explore the gloomy manor. Thanks to 3D-scanned objects and the use of photogrammetry, the player will be taken into the darkness, experiencing unprecedented realism entwined with the worst nightmare.

The Beast Inside has already sold around 700,000 copies on Steam, which makes the game one of the best-selling horror games on the platform, with wide recognition from PC players. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Science distinguished the title’s visuals with the Webby award, also known as the “internet Oscar”. Now, players on PlayStation5 and the Xbox Series X can try to overcome their fear in 4K and at 60 fps.

The game was developed by Illusion Ray and is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for 24.99 USD. A PlayStation 4 version will be available soon. The game runs in 4K and at 60 fps on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

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